Assisted death bill passes California Senate

June 4, 2015

suicide 2The California Senate voted 23-14 Thursday to approve a physician-assisted death bill that would allow some terminally ill patients to obtain medication to end their lives, in a vote that passed largely along the party line.

If the measure gets approval from the Assembly and Gov. Jerry Brown, California would join Oregon, Washington state, Montana, New Mexico and Vermont in allowing assisted suicide for terminal patients. The legislation would apply only to mentally competent adults with six-months or less to live.

Proponents of the bill talked about the ability to end a life rather then suffer through months of brutal pain.

Opponents questioned the morality, religious implications and if a patient could be coerced into ending their life by greedy heirs.

Multiple safeguards have been written into the proposal. Patients would have to make two oral requests to their doctors at least 15 days apart in front of witnesses. In addition, two doctors would need to find that the patient had six month or less to live and the patient would have to self administer the drug.

It is expected that Brown, who once considered becoming a Catholic priest, will struggle with his decision. Two similar bills failed in 2005 and 2007.

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Jorge Estrada

Maybe we could allow inmates too? I don’t mean to upset the industry but our town could use funding for the water district.


Let the organ harvesting begin!


The medical field doesn’t want the organs of cancer patients.


You don’t have to have cancer to want to die. Loots depressed people out there?


FINALLY! If you want to see how simple and humane this is….watch How to Die in Oregon on Netflix. The clients are in a coma in less than 5 minutes and out of pain. I have done a lot of work in hospitals; mostly volunteer. I cannot tell you how many people-in agony due to their relentless pain–grabbed my sleeve and pleaded with me to help them escape their pain and die. We do this for animals—for good reason. That reason is compassion.


I’m not convinced, if you want to die, it’s a piece of cake. If it’s the death penalty, it’s inhumane. Pray tell, what is the difference?

Ted Slanders

Our Christian bible views assisted suicide equal to murder, and it will NOT be condoned if one is a true Christian! God decides when and how a person is to die, not man.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (Job 1:21).

My times are in your hands” (Psalm 31:15)

Assisted suicide is ungodly because it rejects God’s plans that He had since the beginning because of Him being omniscient. No person should presume to take God’s authority upon themselves to end his or her own life. This would be a slap to the face of Jesus because he hung around in pain for us at His demise!

As an example, if our God gave us cancer, because He is in control of everything (Psalm 19:21, Proverbs 16.23), and in the end it was severe unbearable pain, then it is up to the Christian to withstand this horrific pain in the name of Jesus because we cannot preempt the ways of our Lord.

When one is a true Christian relative to this story, you cannot be a wussy at the end of a painful terminal illness as your family and friends watch you wither away and writhe in unbearable pain because you wanted to usurp man’s laws for the Lords.

“By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments.” (1 John 5:2)

Ted Slanders

^ A godly correction;

“When one is a true Christian relative to this story, you cannot be a wussy at the end of a painful terminal illness as your family and friends watch you wither away and writhe in unbearable pain because you wanted to usurp THE LORD’S LAWS FOR MAN’S LAWS.


Dear Mr. Slanders,

I find it interesting and sad that you seem to spend so much time and effort and energy in twisting the words of the Bible to promote your own agenda. (An agenda that is not clear to me.) Somewhere along the journey of your life you must have been terribly hurt by someone who used the Bible in their own twisted way to hurt you. I am so sorry for the wrongs that may have been done to you in the name of Christianity and the Bible. I hope that someday you will have peace on your heart and healing from your hurt. I do not understand your continued rejection of my open offer to meet me for coffee (I have offered to buy) and come to my home for dinner. I would love to meet you as I do all people from many different walks of life and different perspectives of life. Must I assume you have been so terribly hurt you have developed a distrust of anyone who extends a genuine offer to become acquainted and perhaps develop a possible friendship? The offer is standing and I hope you accept it when you are ready.


“you seem to spend so much time and effort and energy in twisting the words of the Bible to promote your own agenda. (An agenda that is not clear to me.)”

His agenda is to relieve himself of boredom. I know who he is in the real world and he simply Googles Bible scripture and then hopes to get a rise out of Christians. Don’t even bother with him, he is a troll.

Ted Slanders


As well dear, I know who you are outside of Cal Coast News, and your weak circular reasoning as a blatant attack upon Brother Ted and Christianity is duly noted by your wrongful attempt to agree with RN that I twist the words of the bible and that I am allegedly bored. How can delivering true Christianity ever be boring?

Cindy, like you, many pseudo-christians have proffered in how I allegedly “twist” the LITERAL passages that I bring forth relative to the story at hand here on CCN. The irony is, that you, nor any other Christian, has ever come forth to prove otherwise of what the verse is suppose to mean in their “interpretation.” Only by weak accusations of this fact is it done on behalf of the pseudo-christian, like you do ad infinitum.

If pseudo-christians like you cannot withstand the literal and in context verses of the bible, and especially if you cannot refute them to be something other than they allegedly are, then I suggest that you, along with them, leave Christianity altogether and get yourself another religion.

Cindy, have you looked into Buddhism?


I’m not going to waste my time Ted. This is all nothing but a joke to you and you intentionally misinterpret the scriptures.

As to your last question, YES. In fact I practiced Buddhism on a daily basis for years. I found a greater peace and love in another place. His name is Jesus Christ.

Ted Slanders


I am sorry that you were hypocritical to your first statement by wasting your time respondnig to me, again.

Don’t you think that it is quite telling when the pseudo-christian keeps telling me that I allegedly misinterpret scripture, but never tells me how by correcting me? What does that tell you?

I will pray for you tonight, once again, in the hopes that someday you will be able to actually tell myself and others how we allegedly misinterpret LITERAL passages.


Brother Ted, Is it not curious that many ‘men’ believe that those guilty of assisted suicide be subject to capital punishment ?

fishing village

This is a humane bill, meant to relieve people of pain and suffering. I watch my sister in law in a state of ‘life’ that I know she would not approve of. She knows no one and lays in a bed or is gotten up to sit in a chair. It breaks my heart to know she would not want to live this way. Fortunately, her husband has the resources to keep her in a good facility with excellent care, but no matter, she would hate this and would have chosen to end her ‘life’, before her dementia got so bad she couldn’t make the choice. Thank goodness for this law that we all may need someday.


Unfortunately, this law only applies to people who are terminally ill and will pass within 6 months. Dementia patients can live several years and don’t die of the dementia but rather from other complications. My father had dementia and regardless of how severe it was, I never would have been able to agree to end his life, I know he was suffering but he wasn’t in any physical pain. If he had been in pain, I could have done it in a heart beat though.


“The legislation would apply only to mentally competent adults”

Doesn’t “mentally competent” include the definition of not being a danger to yourself or others? Just saying……….


I have never understood how we are allowed to treat our animals more humanely than we are our human loved ones.

I say it’s about time.


Free jack kevorkian. He was obviously just ahead of his time.


Uhhh …Jack’s dead. Complications from kidney problems, pneunomia, and finally thrombosis.


No kidding. Before you feel the urge to correct someone regarding something so obvious, maybe ask yourself if the words should be interpreted 100% literally, or is there some analogous meaning in the words.


This is NEVER a good sign. The State now authorizes Death. No good will come of this, no matter how it is spun.