Man tries to snatch woman on Avila Beach trail

June 23, 2015

copterSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s investigators are searching for a man who grabbed a woman on an Avlia Beach hiking trail and tried to drag her into bushes. The suspect, who is a man believed to be in his 50s, escaped even though sheriff’s deputies searched the area with the assistance of a CHP helicopter.

Shortly before 3 p.m., while the woman was walking on the Avila Ridge Trail, she noticed the man sit down and appear to be looking at the ocean. After she walked past, the man began walking behind her. He then grabbed her and attempted to drag her to nearby bushes, according to the sheriff’s office.

The victim managed to break free and run down the trail toward the Pirates Cove parking lot. The suspect took off in the opposite direction.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned Hispanic man with green eyes and patchy facial hair. He was wearing white mesh athletic shorts with a red tank top tucked into his shorts.

During the incident, the woman sustained scratches to her chest and neck, but she did not need medical attention.

The sheriff’s office asks that anyone who was hiking in the area at the time or has information about the case to call (805) 781-4550.

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Be alert! , women are not safe jogging alone? How sad

I worry that if a woman victim, under violent physical assault, puts a couple “legal concealed carry” rounds into an attacker, that the liberal jurors of the Central Coast would vote during the subsequent civil damages trial, to empty the shooter’s personal bank accounts for the benefit of the creep or the creep’s survivors.

I’m serious. I wish it were not a very possible outcome. Tort law should immunize clear self defense gunfire.

It is a sad statement about our society and our so called level of evolution, when no one can safely take a walk. Seriously.

He probably has done this before, and

will it do again. Beware.

Hiking checklist for women in California.

1. Good boots

2. Layered clothing

3. Water

4. Walther PPK

5. Two to the body mass, and one to the head.

Love James Bond.

Love a Walther PPK.

Perhaps some word other than “snatch” might have been employed.

He should have followed me. I carry a weapon when I hike alone and he wouldn’t have gotten off quite so easily. He would have not been able to escape arrest. Of course, I was raised in LA and it is in our chromosomes.

Based on your past posts, you don’t seem like the concealed carry type.

Is your “weapon” a taser? Knife? Pepper spray?

No self respecting woman should ever reveal her secret weapons.

thanks BO

And GW, et al.

May this serve as a reminder that no one should hike alone.

I’m glad this woman was able to get away, now let’s hope this creep is apprehended.