Spike strip stops wrong-way driver on Highway 101

June 21, 2015

CHP@California Highway Patrol officers arrested a wrong-way driver on Highway 101 in the Nipomo area on Saturday evening. No one was injured in the incident.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., multiple motorists had to change lanes in order to avoid a man driving a pickup truck headed northbound on Highway 101 in the southbound lanes near Tefft Street. CHP officers deployed a spiked strip and the vehicle stopped near El Campo Road.

Officers then arrested the driver. At this time, the name of the driver and the charges have not been disclosed.



  1. tr6 says:

    i was the first car on the Tefft offramp. He turned left at the Tefft light, i at first thought he was trying to make a U turn, but he kept coming at me and my daughter. He then guided to my left up the curb and down the ramp the wrong way. I looked directly in his face, he was a older gentleman, about 80? in a nice new looking white 4×4? truck. Im really not sure if he was intoxicated or had Alzeimers, again, he looked pretty elderly. But it was Saturday night, so perhaps he had more than a few. Im glad nobody was killed on the freeway. I kind of thought he just made a wrong turn, and decided to keep going since he had a 4×4 truck till he could turn around after passing cars on the ramp.

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  2. shelworth says:

    This seems to happen a lot more often these days, what’s going on?

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    • unlisted says:

      More people are driving buzzed and in denial.

      The penalties for driving while impaired should be much higher.

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  3. agag1 says:

    Thank you CHP, and to the drivers who called to report the idiot!

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    • Black_Copter_Pilot says:

      Why would anyone be thumbs down on this comment? Posting under the influence?

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      • achillesheal says:

        Maybe the perpetrators family. They’ve got an hombre in jail, 4 flat tires and an impounded vehicle. That’s worthy of a thumbs down.

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      • jimmy_me says:

        Maybe the guy was supporting a local business (winery, bar, etc.). We certainly don’t want to hurt local businesses.

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