Ted Cruz will speak in Nipomo

June 5, 2015

Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, will speak at the Edwards Barn in Nipomo on June 22.

Cruz, a first-term senator from Texas, will speak from 9 to 10 a.m. The event is hosted by the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party.

Cruz’s visit to the Central Coast will mark the beginning of the county GOP’s 2016 Presidential Speaker Series. The local party says it has extended speaking invitations to all declared and anticipated candidates in the 2016 Republican race.

Heidi Nelson Cruz, the senator’s wife, is originally from San Luis Obispo County.

The county party is requesting $25 donations per ticket. Seats can be reserved online.

Coffee and pastries come with admission. The Edwards Barn is located at 1095 Pomeroy Road.

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Well, at least we can hear him talk live. Pretty cool.

Yea, the thumbs down people are probably right. Who wants to listen to anyone? What would be the point in that.


It really doesn’t matter what these politicians say; it matters how they vote.

That’s it.

They can promise us a lot.

I’ll tell you one thing, and that is Ronald Reagan wasn’t the fantastic President people make him out to be. He was the President of the Screen Actor’s Guild-AKA UNION-, and received many benefits from being in a union. He fought against a major law put in to place that he had once believed unfairly limited Union employee’s ability to negotiate; the Taft Hartley act. This was the same act Ronald Reagan would use against the 11000 or so Air Traffic Controllers to FIRE them for striking against safety concerns. The other issue for Reagan was his 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens. He promised it would be a “one time deal”.

Want more? Ok- He actually thought “trickle down economics” was a super idea. MAYBE in a closed economy where US dollars stay in the US; but no WAY in a global economy. We see how the trickle down is working, and that is a HUGE income gap between the wealthiest and our poorest citizens. He deregulated banks in the 80s. He sold arms to Iran, possibly creating the beginnings of the Taliban for all we know; and for what, to fight the Soviet Union?

Ronald Reagan did not care about the middle class worker. He policies showed by his ACTIONS that he was pro-corporation. We are feeling the effects to this day.

Again, it is voting record, which is easily researchable these days for perspective candidates.

Revisionist crap, revisionist crap, revisionist crap.

Coupled with personal attack. “Ronald Reagan did not care about the middle class worker”. Same old dismal liberal playbook, attack and revise. You even worked the Taliban into this. Gave me a hearty morning laugh, CCRN.

RR was a great communicator, inspirer, and President.

Pointing out the differences between his political views in his younger days and those when he rose to power is not revisionism. However, it may not be all hypocrisy either. Did he simply change his views as he aged or were the changes due to a cynical (successful) bid for political power? Maybe a mix of both?

Some of the characterizations of his policies as President are simplistic and exaggerated. I didn’t vote for him (Libertarian at the time — I was still maturing), but I think that he was a mixed bag as President. It is easy to have 20/20 hindsight about the future effects of policies like supporting the Mujahadeen (sp?) but it is harder to see them at the time.

Um yea people can and do change views with time. My older sister was very liberal in her early twenties in college and for awhile out of college with all the typical young liberal ideals. After promoting up in the business world and seeing how a lot of things work and are, she has changed about 180 degrees in the last 35 years. So much so, that she at times says we in the family exaggerate and she was never really liberal.

If I see a flip flop of views from one four year cycle election to another, than yes I would agree but RR comparison is from late 40’s early 50’s to 80’s. Hmm thirty years!!? Yea I think he could change.

Oh and one last. I also know quite a few older people that were registered Democrats when young, all the way up to early to mid 1960’s. After? Yea I’m sure you know the answer.

Nobody said Reagan couldn’t grow beyond his pro-union days. Nobody said CCRN was revising THAT. I speak against revisionism when it’s just a plateload of liberal misstatements about the past I lived and began to prosper in.

To wit:

Revisionism is: “We see how the trickle down is working” when tax and private revenues rose, the economy zoomed after Carter malaise. You felt GOOD about yourself and country, sort of like an empty Obama speech, except the crazed most liberal-ever social agenda wasn’t there with Reagan.

Revisionism is: “and that is a HUGE income gap between the wealthiest and our poorest citizens” which currently is hardly the FAULT from Reagan who is a handful of Administrations back. CEO pay was 15x to 60x then, not 300x or 800x as now (with your guy, albeit none of his doing either).

Revisionism is .” He deregulated banks in the 80s” and you seem to deny the prosperity and mostly favorable options and growth it brought to the financial sector , and

Revisionism is that he “fired” the ATC staff, actually they REFUSED to return to work with ample notice, warning, chances to cross the lines. I was flying out of Hawthorne Airport then and knew controllers, they (HHR ATC control tower) had an open door familiarization policy for pilots and students, especially on low traffic mid-week days. We spoke at length more than once. They didn’t like but fully understood their job was critical, national, and they’d be replaced if they didn’t return to work. As usual, the ones “going out” were mad at those planning to scab. ATC is vital and national, and was properly handled with replacements instead of a shut-down for union ransom.

Finally, revisionism is your placing the Obama slowest-recovery-ever, 92 million Americans not working, U6 being in the bloody stratosphere, as Reagan’s fault in “We are feeling the effects to this day.”

You CAN dislike Reagan’s policies, insult him personally as not caring, but you can’t revise HIS period of prosperity and world respect EVEN if it makes your current guy look less lousy, less like the world-class clumsy and disrespected fool who has turned the Middle East into a firestorm with non-Muslims being murdered daily, and our national debt into ’bout double what he inherited.

Cruz is likely to select conservative directions and there are a lot of new-course, swerve-to-the-right corrections needed after 8 years of the narcissistic megalomaniac, with the clipboard, who never held a real commerce job.

And the plan to sell $1 Billion dollars worth of arms to IRAN and use the money to arm the Contras? Ollie North’s diary said the Contras were bringing TONS of cocaine into the US. Plus the Contras were murdering terrorists who could not hold the smallest part of Nicaragua.

Our country’s total debt before RR was $0.9 Trillion. After twelve years of RR&GHWB, it was $4.1 Trillion. Before Reagan, trade made us the largest creditor nation in the world. After 2 or 3 years of RR, we became the largest debtor nation in the world. Before RR, CEOs made 40X their workers. Didn’t take too long to become 400X their workers. Before Reagan, we were always the world’s leader in Standard of Living. Didn’t take too long to fall to Sixteenth.

And remember, with Iran-Contra, ALL of the administration officials involved in it that went up to the highest levels were PARDONED BEFORE PROSECUTION by succeeding president George H. W, Bush.

This is an indictment and admission of guilt.

They should have all spent time in the Hard Rock Hotel, and banned from ever again participating in government or holding public office.

Was Reagan complicit, or a clueless dunce ? We’ll never know that distinction, but he has to have been one or the other.

I find it amazing that today 90 something some odd percent of the world’s heroin supply comes from Afghanistan.

Ronald Reagan and his cadre of neoliberal thieves are the reason why the US now has a projected debt of $80 – $100 TRILLION ! , with ANNUAL expenditures of over 2,000 % above revenues.

Way to kill a country, Ronnie !

I don’t really consider my opinion a personal attack. What do you call it when a rich man, who was President of a union and benefitted from this union with a lifetime pension and healthcare, then use the very act he fought so hard against to FIRE 11 THOUSAND workers? Is he a friend to the middle class? And poor Mr. Reagan, by the time he was questioned about the Iran Contra mess, he had early alzheimers (I am being nice and giving him the benefit of the doubt, see?) and could not remember anything..

Bill Clinton was a great communicator. Teddy Roosevelt was a great communicator. There were a few really great talkers. Adolf Hitler inspired the Nazis to commit genocide against over 6 million Jews. Great communication can lead to bad things. Barack Obama promised a whole lot of hope and change. Ronald Reagan WAS a great communicator, but besides getting Germany to tear down the wall separating East from West, what did he DO that was GOOD?

I am not being a hater, if I missed something, let me know. Like I said, I used to think the guy was fabulous, and I read a story about the Taft Hartley act years ago. I remember being a youth watching the air traffic controllers get fired, and the people picketing. As a child, I didn’t have an opinion other than “Ronald Reagan is great”. Maybe someone out there in Calcoast land who has a bit more life experience can explain it to me.

I really don’t belong to a party. I am a Registered Republican on paper, as I believe I work hard for my money and want to keep more of it. I am more of a Constitutionalist. We need some rules, some basic taxes, and we need fairness where possible. Not that it matters. Liberals and Conseratives are usually in agreement that a certain subject is a problem, for example, Illegal immigration. The search for solution is where the difficulty lies. I cannot be pigeon holed in to a single party, nor can many Americans, as life is not always extremely liberal or extremely conservative.

I am just tired of seeing these smooth talkers with their forked tongues slide in to office because the good natured Americans WANT to believe candidates are HONEST. We all know that true honesty lies in DATA. I might tell my doctor I didn’t eat any cookies or icecream, but my weight, cholesterol, and A1C (long term blood sugar test) might say otherwise.

Since we are talking Ted Cruz in the article, I will say he has a pretty consistent voting record. He voted pretty conservative, so he is going to need his devoted people to back him. I do think it is funny/ironic that he voted Nay on the no budget/no pay for Congress. It is ok for Americans unemployment to run out, or for employers to fire for no reason to the employee, but HE is getting paid, budget or no budget. I am not saying I disagree, I found it amusing.

Democrats don’t raise taxes on the middle class. Obama didn’t Clinton didn’t Carter didn’t LBJ didn’t JFK didn’t. Hillary won’t and Sanders won’t. A big problem is paying interest on the debt run up by Republicans. Tax Wall Street tax the largest corporations and tax billionaires.

Your comments about watching how they vote rather than what they promise is right on target. Unfortunately, that takes more effort than the majority of American voters are willing to expend. Even when they do try, there is so much conflicting information out there that they usually end up accepting the information that confirms their pre-existing biases most closely. That is the biggest reason we have so many “lame politicians” in our government.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that they are ‘lame politicians’.

If one ( or a faction ) can sell the SUCKERS the same pig-in-a-poke over and over again, I’d say that was pretty smart.

“King” cruz, huh? Looks like dad has some high aspirations for his son. I hope Ted doesn’t believe all of this garbage about killing the wicked and transferring their wealth to religious fanatics.

elephants and asses rapin da masses

PRAISE JESUS, “Ted Cruz for President!”

Fellow Christians, was there any better day when we heard that our Christian Ted Cruz was running for president? Who cannot forget about his memorable “Green Eggs and Ham” filibuster that shut down the government costing the taxpayer billions of dollars, it doesn’t matter, he is a CHRISTIAN!

We love the fact that Ted Cruz will eliminate Obamacare where ten million that are on this health care system will be thrown off without any healthcare at all, and so what if Ted doesn’t have a replacement for it, the main thing is that ALL healthcare will be returned to “no pre-existing conditions” and healthcare costs skyrocketing!

On as bleaker note, we can only pray that no one will bring up the fact of Ted’s duplicity by putting himself on Obamacare because his wife left her employment that gave them health insurance. Ted could have told his wife to get on a COBRA plan to extend her insurance so as not to make Ted a hypocrite, but he went with Obamacare because it was less expensive. Christians, mums the word on this fact, okay?

Another thing that we must keep quiet about is Ted’s faux pas relating to the ungodly liberal Joe Biden, when he made an off color joke about him as he was still grieving over the loss of his son, Beau Biden. As if Joe Biden losing his wife and daughter years ago wasn’t enough, Ted was just being Ted.

All Christians will praise Ted Cruz by him standing up for the Dugger family because of their son, Josh Dugger, fondling his two sisters under their clothes a few years back. Thank our God for the “forgiveness doctrine” where if Josh sexually molested them again, he would be forgiven once again, praise!

All Christians that are going to see Ted Cruz speak in Nipomo, please report back to CCN in what you heard. As I stated before, if the three aforementioned bad taste entities are mentioned, create a diversion quickly so Ted won’t be put on the hot plate and be embarrassed, thanks!

What a HOOT ! A roomful of stupid Republicans; cheering on an illegal immigrant ( born in Calgary, Canada ) to Cuban and Canadian parents, that didn’t even renounce his dual citizenship until two years ago, that is also a fanatic Dominionist.

No, he was not an illegal immigrant. His mother was and is a native born US citizen and his father immigrated legally to Canada and then to the US. Cruz was born in Canada and had dual US and Canadian citizenship.

Get your facts straight. When you ridicule with lies, you show your ignorance.

The Supreme Court has never defined what a ‘natural-born’ citizen is, but the US Constitution in Article II Section 1 Clause 5 is definitive that, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President, …”.

Cruz was born on foreign soil. His mother, while being an American citizen herself, was not on a military or diplomatic mission. It was strictly business.

Cruz’s father is a Cuban émigré, and was not a naturalized US citizen at the tome of his son’s birth.

The ;facts’ are clear. It is ‘opinions’ concerning the eligibility requirement that are murky, and scholars are divided on this. I side with those that say Cruz is not eligible.

Cruz being born outside of the US, to parents on their own, personal, business; would have had to have been naturalized once they moved to America at Cruz’s age of four. The ‘fact’ that the young Cruz never went through the naturalization process ( like his father later did ) makes him an illegal immigrant, and therefore ineligible to become president. If he had gone through the naturalization process, that would make him a US citizen, but he still would be ineligible to become president. This WAS ruled by the Supreme Court in Luria v. United States.

Good catch on the facts. And you are correct about spouting (or repeating) lies ruining credibility. Now please continue doing so with the claims of Mr. Cruz (and most other Presidential candidates from both parties.)

Well, I would actually be ok with Ted Cruz being an illegal alien from Canada. Barack Obama is not a US citizen, remember? It is the Republican’s turn.

Obama was *&^%$#@! BORN IN HAWAII!!! Obama was born in 1961. Hawaii has been a state since *&^%$#@! 1959! You obviously have extremely lousy sources of information.

Oh boy, Cruz brings us back to birther/believer opposition stuff! Who cares where B.H.O. was born, we elected him twice, he’s President, albeit the worst ever, so we gotta get over it. Of course, he’s so arrogant he’s had years of fun TEASING his critics by only issuing first a short form and then a long form LASER printed government facsimile.

He never had Hawaii bring out the real old paper thing signed by the physician, whereas if you asked somebody to AUTHENTICATE a newly found copy of the Magna Carta or the Emancipation Proclamation for example, nobody would settle for a laser printed facsimile.

Yah, looks like he was born there, but His Royal Arrogance has had fun asking Hawaii and the keeper of records who drown in that plane crash to NOT let impartial experts and cameras see the old paper thing. The guy is a piece of work, for sure.

If that boy had just gone ahead and show you his papers nobody would have anything to complain about right? we have a failure of imagination and the stupid is neck deep

Dude, I am totally joking.

Oh. Sorry bout that. But you did say you were Republican.

But, bu, but—you socialists LOVE ILLEGAL Criminal Aliens and can’t wait to pay for them in multitudinous ways, and for their Anchor babies’ WIC, SSI, Medi-Cal, and social services, can you?

Isn’t that right, Lois Capps?

“You socialists”? Excuse, me, but your ignorance is showing… Gawd, you head-in-the-ass knee-jerk Faux-watchers give me a pain in the ass…

Anyone who uses the Faux news talking point loses all credibility

I am not very good at picking Presidents. I voted for: Senior and Junior Bush, Sarah Palin and John, “please just go away Mcain”, last but not least Romney.

Unless Jesus himself shows up and runs, I will probably use my voting material for toilet paper (donate it to some “honey hut” somewhere).

Maybe it is just old age, but Culturally this looks like a Third World Society to me? What Democracy? Just because some schmuck needs a job.

Frankly, I don’t feel part of the Culture (if you can call it that) anymore. Various immigrants legal or otherwise can have it, along with the next generation of puppets to hop aboard the merry-go-round to no-where too quick. Personally, I have plenty to do. There is this certain sense of “here we go again” and disgust.

Hang in there Dirk, remember how bleak and dark the days were during the end of the Carter Presidency Debacle? That set the stage for Ronaldas Magnus just as Obama is setting the stage for a President Cruz/Paul/Walker/Rubio.

The Republican field this year is perhaps the strongest Freedom and Liberty field in generations and what does the Left have? Hillary/Sanders?

The left is in a panic so get ready my friend….shields high and get ready for the Freedom Revolution in 2016.

I don’t see a Ronald Reagan on the horizon.

I thought there was supposed to be some sort of “Liberty” revolution when the Republicans took the House and Senate with Bainer and company?

It’s just this tired, worn out, old Republican/Democrat modality again and again. They both deserve each other.

Republicans only want the ‘liberty’ to reward their corporate and billionaire class paymasters, and do nothing for the average American.

You don’t have a clue.

If he had phrased it as national Republican leadership, he would be at least half way correct. Certainly the majority of Republican voters don’t fit his definition. Unfortunately, rhetoric about wedge issues centered around religion have blinded many of them to the economic realities of the party policies.

It is equally sad that the same can be said about the Democrat Party which Slowerfaster supports. They deceive their voters in different ways at times but are just as dedicated to enriching “their corporate and billionaire class paymasters” as the GOP.

Neither do the Democrats. The democrats tend to be the richest ones in Congress: Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and “Hubby” etc.

The culture is sick in the head at its core. We get what we deserve.

Ironically Lois Capps (Democrat) from my home town: Ladysmith, Wisconsin not doing a damn thing for me, I doubt if she would. Especially given our mutual interests and backgrounds in Religious Studies. Today I will get: The Rig Veda (in Vedic), Qur’an, Avestan (Old Persian) etc. Pseudo Christian Churchianity is full of every kind of hypocritical degenerate on the planet (don’t send your children).

I’m sorry Churchianity is fair game as far as I’m concerned given the amount of Politicking and money grubbing that goes on.

If you will excuse me I think I have better things to do. This gets to be a bit like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

“Republicans only want the ‘liberty’ to reward their corporate and billionaire class paymasters…” as if Democrats don’t want the same thing (Obama and Clinton are so in bed with Wall Street) and the Democrats only want the unions and illegals to support their power and corrupt agenda of controlling the masses. According to a recent PEW Poll,, 30% of illegals admit to voting in our elections.

I just listens to 5 Democrats in a roll call in to a talk host and say they don’t care if Hillary took bribes and is corrupt, provided pay for favors etc. they would vote for her because she will continue to support their life styles and benefits.

I am with Dick, all the parties are corrupt and as politicians how is it they go to Washington as lay folks and retire as millionaires, HELLO! As a society of Freedom, Respect and Trust, we are done, we are a society of handouts, lies, and hate. No one has respect for anyone unless they totally agree with your views and ideas.

With a lot of Googling I found what you are talking about, but it is not PEW. It is three professors—-2 from Old Dominion U (Norfolk) and one from George Mason U (also VA). Professors of what I do not know! Every university in the world has one or two kook professors. And it is not 30%, it is 6.4%.

The sources are kook websites or kook radio talk shows. Any idiot can have a website or talk radio. There is not one newspaper or tv source. And there are a large number of conservative newspapers in the country.

President George Dubya Bush ordered all of his attorneys general to find illegal voting and they came up with zilch nothing nada. One study said there might be 12 every election—that’s the entire country.

That’s funny ….bestowing a latinized honorific of a Roman emperor; most of whom were dictators and murderers.

So what do you specifically know and hate about Cruz?

Dude I’m just expressing myself on someone else’s Blog while attempting to abide by the rules as this is a commercial site. Believe me I tend to be expressive, this ain’t nothing.

Irregardless of the candidate my comment would have been essentially the same. I do not hate Mr. Cruz. Hypothetically if the Election was held today, and if I bothered to vote it would be for Mr. Cruz. I assure you Mr Cruz does not “disgust” me, the Culture in general does.

Jesus is not a Republican. Never was, never would be.

PS: If Jesus actually DID show up, the Right-wingers would crucify him again ….just like they did the first time.

Hmm, silly me. I thought it was the Jews.

Yeah …It was the Right-wing clerics ( the Quislings of their time ) backed up by the Right-wing, authoritarian, occupying Roman government.

BTW, Jesus was a Jew.

and worse—a long-haired Palestinian rabble-rouser. ;-)

Really? I seem to remember something about “Teaching a man to fish and he can feed himself for life”. The democrats take the fish away from the hard working fisherman to give to the lazy, unmotivated masses in exchange for votes!! You really need to keep your twisted views to yourself!

Jesus never said that, nor did anyone else in the Bible.

It was Spanish philosopher Maimonides ( 1135 – 1204 ), and has been adapted by many since.

There’s no evidence that Maimonides was a Republican, either.

Jesus took five loaves and two fishes ( presumably from the hard working fishermen that caught them ), and fed 5,000 ‘lazy, unmotivated masses’.

Matthew 14: 13 – 21

Also, Mosheh ben Maimon …’Maimonides’, wrote in the Hilkhat Matonot Aniyim [ Laws about Giving to Poor People ] concerning tzedakah: ‘charity’, on Eight Levels of Giving, with the first the most preferable down to the least…the eighth:

1. Giving an interest-free loan to a person in need, forming a partnership with a person in need, giving a grant to a person in need, finding a job for a person in need; so long as that loan, grant, partnership, or job results in the person no longer living by relying on others.

2. Giving tzedakah anonymously to an unknown recipient via a person ( or public fund ) which is trustworthy, wise, and can perform acts of tzedakah with your money in a most impeccable fashion.

3. Giving tzedakah anonymously to a known recipient.

4. Giving tzedakah publicly to an unknown recipient.

5. Giving tzedakah before being asked.

6. Giving adequately after being asked.

7. Giving willingly, but inadequately.

8. Giving “in sadness” ( giving out of pity ), i.e. , “Giving unwillingly”.

Where does the ‘Republican’ philosophy towards charity sit on this scale ?

I don’t know, maybe i’m just too jaded now but i don’t trust anyone at that level anymore. It’ll be politics as usual no matter who wins. Real leaders are shut out from the system and can’t compete. The candidates on both sides are nothing but a bunch of show ponies.

You need to look into Senator Sanders; he actually is “different” in the sense that he means what he says, holds his convictions and lives by them- IMO, a true “honest” politician. (yeah, I know, sounds like an oxymoron)

He’s different all right, he’s a socialist. In other words, he’s delusional. It’s time to kick the egg suckers off the bus. Sink or swim baby, but don’t ask me to feed you.

we are all in this alone”

yeah, tell that to all the the corporate lobbyists. There’s a reason the world refers to the us as the corporate welfare state. “free markets” haven’t been the way we’ve done things in quite some time.

Many, many things in America can be called “socialist”: Roads, bridges, dams, parks, buses, fire dept, police dept, public schools, courts, state universities, libraries, Social Security, Medicare, OUR ENTIRE MILITARY, Workers Compensation, FDA, child labor laws, etc. Democrats improve these and Republicans wish to reduce or eliminate these. Countries that are always (since the 1980’s) ranked above us in standard of living (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, etc.) are without a doubt more “socialist. We led the world before Reagan.

Roads, bridges, dams, parks are voted on by the people, in order to build them.

Buses, police, fire dept., schools, courts, public libraries, are also voted on by the people to fund. Not socialist.

Social Security, we pay into..like it or not… which means it’s an actual entitlement that is returned to the people. It most certainly needs to be restructured to only go to those who have paid into it. Not socialist.

The US Military is mandated by the Constitution. Not socialist.

Democrats create welfare, and increase it at every turn. Conservatives want to rein it in, in order that it does not implode in debt.

Medicare, welfare, food stamps, WIC etc are NOT entitlements, because the recipients do not pay into the system for a return are actual socialist objectives….brought to you by the democrat party.

For all those you listed to be socialist, they must be originated and mandated by the government.And, except for welfare, they’re just not.

Oh…child labor laws? The Fair Labor Standards Act, was brought to you by democrat Senator Black….the fine upstanding member of the Ku Klux Klan.

You are saying that things voted on by the people cannot be “socialist”. That is really stoopid. Sanders is a democratic socialist. The countries with the best standard of living—Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium. Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Taiwan—are democratically socialist. China, North Korea, Soviet Union, and Cuba do not have elections. No American proposes being like them.

All the things I mentioned do not come under “capitalism”.

Have you ever even read the Constitution ? Much of it reads as a socialist manifesto.

Socialists vote and are for democracy for all.

Lincoln was a socialist. Theodore Roosevelt was a socialist. Bob Lafollette was a socialist. Eisenhower was a socialist.

All Republicans …back when they were sane, and not nihilist, reactionary drunks like McCarthy, Nixon, and Boehner.

I’d like to hear a debate among the Democratic candidates, especially between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen.

There are at least six Democratic debates scheduled. Senator Sanders is asking for more.

If you don’t catch them, it’s your own damn fault.

Indeed, there are six debates scheduled. And if they truly debate, then I will get to see Bernie and Hillary go at it. Right?

Try voting for the opposite of who you think is best. That’s what some gamblers do—and it works.

Point is, you WON’T have plenty to do when they take over. Everything will be kaput.

Before, or after his speech, take him to “dog town” so he can compare his comments to reality. People in Nipomo, and the Sheriff’s Department know all about life in “dog town”.

Should be a great talk….too bad I’ll be out of the Country or I would be there for sure…maybe bob from San Luis can go for me if I buy him a ticket and then tell me how good the talk was?

Rich: I too will be out of town then; but even if I was available to hear the man speak, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue listening to him equivocate and out-right lie.

Good one, Slow. The Nation has been a good source since The Civil War! Here’s another: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/ted-cruz-isnt-idiot-hes-delusional-and-thats-far-more-dangerous

When Liberals hate and attack…we have a winner folks!

ala…President Reagan!