Felony charges reinstated against Jarmin and Jordan

July 22, 2015

justice 2San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Donald Umhofer reinstated seven felony charges against Real Property Lenders of Paso Robles principals Rod Jarmin and Tammy Jordan on Wednesday and then recused himself from any further proceedings.

In April 2014, hard money lenders Jarmin, 76, and Jordan, 53, were arrested in connection with a scheme in which they allegedly swindled more than 700 investors out of about $30 million. At the time, both defendants plead not guilty to seven felony counts of the sale of securities by means of false statements and omissions.

Each violation is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and up to a $10 million fine. Nevertheless, on June 10, the defendants plead no contest and Umhofer reduced the seven felony charges to misdemeanors in a deal that would result in no further jail time for Jarmin or Jordan.

Shortly afterwards, the district attorneys office filed a motion to reconsider, that alleged that Umhofer wrongly reduced the charges to misdemeanors before a plea was made. Umhofer granted the motion to reconsider on Wednesday.

Before Umhofer removed himself from the case, he set a trial setting conference for July 29.

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Like I said before one more corrupt DA Investigator indicted today by the Attorney General, AJ Santana indicted. Way too long after i reported him and several of his partners as being corrupt.

The state steps in where the locals failed, all they wanted to do was protect there own, more to come already today i have spoken to several SAC’s two AUSA’s and two at the State AG’s office corruption is alive and doing well in SLO.

One more down 8 more to indict oh my testimony before the Criminal Grand Juries is Secret i would love to tell you who’s next but have to allow our system to run it’s course, but will say some on the list are elected officials, that may be by Ian’s boys tried to jack me up last week.

Scott is working to differentiate who’s dirty and who’s not. Dude, I’ve got a picture of one of your possible 8 throwing a gang sign.

Same initials as District Attorney

Scott is a known psycho and Chicken Little fan. He has been making up stories for years.

Well you seem to throw smear and lies, why don’t you be a person of integrity and stand up with your real name, you do not know me nor have you ever worked with me or any of my teams members. Now if you want to use this news site as a miscommunication method enjoy. Your silliness and if you believe every thing in papers then good that means our units purpose worked over the past 35 years before i retired.

I have no criminal records, nor ever been convicted of fraud as you lie put up or shut up, I am a retired investigator so i will enjoy my pension every month as you attempt to spread lies, i hope you feel better, oh by the way I worked on the Summer Johnson mess for a long time before it was outed by CCN.

Glad it was finally outed since so much corruption was involved, and I am the person who turned in to Dan Dow the lies and perjury of AJ Santana who was let go from the DA’s office for perjury. So you babble about not facts and non truths so do us all a favor if you put of $100,000.00 i will match it and we can both prove who is the real LIAR, so I am calling you out Coward.

I’ve heard that 90% of what Scott says is true and the important 10% is false. If this is truely his M.O. than what 10% of his rant is important and false, I read many serious allogations within his comments. In addition, within the lead story, ” felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and up to a $10 million fine. I find that redistribution of wealth to be suspect unless the money goes directly to the victims.

Not so factual, there has been a very blatant abuse of power, authority and police and Narcotic Task Force Corruption . As Dan Dow sent me a message after I long ago turned in the lying cheating of X-DA Investigator AJ Santana he was finally let go with out criminal charges ?

It only gets worse, there has been a practice and pattern of Criminal Misconduct not just in the DA’s office but in Sheriff Ian Parkinson, and SLO PD with Vic Nunez, Dustin Alexander, Cory Pierce, and so many others i reported to Dan Dow who once took office very quietly allowed AJ Santana to leave with $ and not be prosecuted. I got a call from one AUSA who asked why did the DA let him go without prosecution for at least lying to Judge Federman ? DA said ” Do Not Trust Judge Federman or her husband”

It only gets worse i have been assisting LE for many years as Mr. DA admits, i was instructed to give all the intelligence and wiretaps to Capt. Chris Staley which i did for a very long time. When i was asked to work with one U/C deputy named Nichols, who came to my home to set up the fake, phony and deceitful FB of Summer Johnson a entrapment ruse. As this progressed for a very long time.

It became clear that the Sheriff himself was involved, along with Chief Gesell and many other dishonest LEO’s . I was asked to start dropping off the information on those on the Summer Johnson scam and it included several (23) LOCAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS. Who was being snooped upon as well as monitoring there office phones, emails, and other social media.

The NTF agents came to my home more than once, i was told by the Federal Special Agent on the matter NOT to trust any LE in SLO, corruption is rampant and many cases involved perjured affidavits, tampered evidence, false arrests, lying LEO’s. I was visited by SLO SO Commander Voge who saw Ian Parkinson name as friends of a known Felon and drug dealer, Ian warned his friends the delete this persons name and all photos of there trips to LA and Las Vegas UFC and sports trips.

I was informed to no longer delivery the information to SLO PD Staley but directly to the SO HQ, which i did for over the years. Then as 7 verified and known deals were to happen 6 in SLO one in Santa Maria i gave the photos, vehicles, banks, guns, cell and SATCOM’s and Monitoring electronic beacons to the Task Force. Odd thing the NTF-GTF-SET and others failed to come and conduct a raid, failed to use wires in which i agreed. At all 7 locations with known members of Cartels the Task Force never showed up. All the deals went done and not one person arrested.

It was not until a Federal Agent told me to stay clear of ALL LE in SLO they can not be trusted or believed. So was asked by the Federal Agents to being them the information in sealed packages as instructed i delivered them to the Federal Offices as requested. On 3-13-15 i informed the Special Agents and others the locals are indeed corrupt and can not any-longer trust them.

Then yesterday as i was instructed to go to 1355A Kansas Ave. to be present with Lawyer to inspect a county vehicle involved in a cover up and a felony hit and as i sat there a heavy set county employee told me to leave after telling to park my car ? he then called Sheriff Parkinson on his private cell to Sheriff Parkinson personal cell. Within 5 minutes 5 plain clothes Sheriffs Deputy thugs arrived in unmarked cars exposing there weapons, attempting to make outlandish statements and telling me they will arrest me if i do not leave. Then one more of Ian’s Thugs arrived and now we have 6 then one uniformed deputy arrived named Rose Denny, those present were Commander Stuart A. Macdonald, Sgt. Anthony Perry, Sr. Deputy Robert Burgeson, Sr. Deputy Steven Archibald the others refused to ID themselves. Then when they realized they were being tapped on a “Mic Pen” things changed, they knew i was the person who turned int AJ Santana, Vic Nunez, David Torres, Josh Walsh,Dustin Alexander and others. So in conclusion we have a very corrupt LEO group and some very lying officers and corruption.

on 1-1-15 the Sheriffs office allowed a vehicle loaded with Heroin to get away from the area of Cuesta, but the Military took over, stating they too do NOT trust the local Law Enforcement, there is so much more it is amazing how corrupt the likes of the PD’s, Sheriffs Dept, the Task Forces, county counsel Rita Neal and all the tax payer monies she is scamming.


This begs to be vetted and if real, exposed!

He is full of psychobabble. Been convicted of fraud more than once. Don’t believe a thing he says.

Are you afraid of the truth or are you hiding behind Ian and his cronies, I have actually been required to report his relationships with known drug offenders are you one as well ? Do not hide under a fake name use your real name and position unless your in Jail. Buy one of my books so my royalties will increase as well or watch one of the many documentaries i am in as well .

I fear no man nor do i fear the truth. So Perspicacious man up

Copied to a secure server, just in case

Scott I saw Sheriff Parkinson at the court house yesterday. maybe you should go back on your meds?


Please contact me!

David Smallwood, Editor

California Register



Everything Absolutely Confidential!

Well now look who was the main investigator on this most recent cocaine bust ?

He is none other than the same person who was reported as dirty and corrupt to the DA over a year ago, he was close personal friends with his former partners AJ Santana, Cory Pierce and many other corrupt officers.

Remember the SUMMER JOHNSON scam it was part of the task forces set ups, not to mention the bust in the parking lot of House of Bread last week, where the Cartels were able to video the entire take down.

Justice prevails, at least for now. Good for Dow and company.

No Justice has failed, so many have connections in the DA’s office and SO that many who have defrauded are still living it up. Since the DA failed to file charges on many cases of Perjured LEO’s like AJ Santana and the many others.

What does your complaints have to do with this trial being reinstated?

Umm Judge reinstates felony charges then recuses himself from the case? Reduces the sentences in the first place to basically result in them getting away? sounds exactly like what he’s talking about to me. Crooked LEO and Judges in this county. Absolutely I see it. If anyone thinks it couldn’t happen in our sweet little communities, think again.

If you really believe that and have not contacted the FBI to look into your allegations, then you, sir, are part of the problem. Have you informed the proper agency about what you know?

It is when you hear the, what does it matter or how is it related, start coming out, that things like this can exist.