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Felony charges reinstated against Jarmin and Jordan

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Donald Umhofer reinstated seven felony charges against Real Property Lenders of Paso Robles principals Rod Jarmin and Tammy Jordan on Wednesday and then recused himself from any further proceedings. In April 2014, hard... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande man receives home detention for impersonating officer

An Arroyo Grande man convicted of impersonating a U.S. forest ranger received a home detention sentence Monday and a $10,000 fine. [Tribune] Prosecutors accused Larry Cooper, a former Arroyo Grande police officer, of using a government vehicle to patrol a... (Continue reading)

Federal court upholds California’s DNA sampling law

A federal appeals court has unanimously upheld a California law that allows officials to collect DNA samples from anyone arrested for a felony. [Mercury News] The 5-year-old law permits DNA sampling without review by a judge and even if criminal... (Continue reading)

Former Bell manager pleads no contest

The former city of Bell manager plead no contest Thursday evening to 69 felony charges of misappropriating public funds and falsifying documents. Prosecutors told the Los Angeles Times Robert Rizzo, 59, would be sentenced to 10 to 12 years in... (Continue reading)