Los Osos Cal Fire captain arrested for insurance fraud

July 27, 2015
Neal Moriarty

Neal Moriarty

A Morro Bay man who works as a captain for Cal Fire was arrested along with his brother last week on multiple felony counts of insurance fraud. An investigation by the California Department of Insurance led to the arrest of Neal Moriarty, 38, of Morro Bay and his brother Ross Moriarty, 42, of Los Osos.

Cal Fire Captain Neal Moriarty and Ross Moriarty, a licensed insurance agent, were arrested last week. The Moriarty brothers allegedly submitted a fraudulent claim to collect $13,709 following an automobile accident.

While off-duty, Cal Fire Captain Neal Moriarty hit a deer on U.S. Highway 101 near Camp Roberts which significantly damaged his vehicle. At the time of the accident, he was uninjured and uninsured.

Neal Moriarty then called his brother who used his position as a licensed insurance agent to reinstate Neal Moriarty’s automobile insurance, according to a press release.

Ross MoriartyThe brothers then conspired to falsify the timeline of the accident and to report a fraudulent claim to the insurer in the amount of $13,709. After insurance investigators asked for phone records due to suspicion surrounding the validity of the claim, Neal Moriarty failed to provide the records and just one month later, withdrew his claim.

Ross Moriarty was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail and Neal Moriarty was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail at the end of his shift at the Ben Lomond Conservation Camp in Santa Cruz. Both of the brothers bail was set at $120,000.

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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, from the top…. alllll the way downnnnn.

Dont Steal. The government hates competition.

They are the government……

This is my new favorite quote :)

Didn’t Ted Lilly do the same thing a while back with his motorhome? What happened to him?

This is possibly the tip of the iceberg. A thief is a thief is a thief…Wonder what he stole from the state. Could anyone start an investigation?

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? When someone is willing to lie and cheat for a damn truck, what else are they willing to lie about.

Glad they got caught, one more off the public dole in one respect.

Now the taxpayers get to pay their way thru the criminal justice system.

When will WE get a break?

Will plea bargain down to net to nothing and then will get promoted to chief. Shortly after that will sustain an injury that the state will buy off on and will retire with a real nice settlement.


Related to Al Moriarty?????????

Yes, both are nephews. If you have dealings with Farmers insurance in the SLO area, I would get a new agent….

Wow–break out the jailhouse prune alcohol. Family reunion. Party!

Bail is high due to the white-collar nature of the crime?

Thieves, thugs, assaulters, and druggies get released on their own recognizance, and yet these two corp-looting dim-sums get $120K? Either there’s more to the story, or the corps that control the courts want to send a BACK OFF message.

I formally used this Farmers Agent, he is related to the Moriarty Klan from Grover Beach. Notified a relative of Russ’s about honesty in dealing with Farmer Insurance group in the SLO area. Never got a response from another Moriarity relative, a Farmers Manager, cancelled after nearly 20 years as a customer.