Pismo Beach man indicted for counterfeiting

July 30, 2015

hand cuffs 1A federal grand jury indicted a Pismo Beach man last week for manufacturing counterfeit U.S. Currency, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

On May 31, a vendor at the Visalia Swap Meet reported to law enforcement that someone was passing counterfeit money. Tulare County deputies than arrested a Visalia woman and mounted an investigation.

The investigation led to a hotel room in Visalia and the arrests of Kenneth Choate and Kathryn Wagher of Pismo Beach.

Officers contacted Choate and Wagher at the front door of the room. A search was conducted and officers found more than $30,000 in counterfeit bills, multiple printers, numerous boxes of drafting paper, and printing and cutting supplies, according to court documents,.

A federal grand jury returned a one-count indictment Thursday against Choate, 51. Choate was ordered detained by Judge Stanley A. Boone on July 23 after being arrested on a federal criminal complaint.

If convicted, Choate faces a maximum statutory penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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I wonder if this will drag on in the courts for years like the Gearhart debacle. Essentially, Choate and Gearhart both were involved in a form of counterfeiting…but the corporate criminal avoided jail time and Choate…well, he’s locked up. Strange how that works

Ya nothing like the man getting down on the small business owners.

Who does this bozo think he is?

The US Treasury?

The Federal reserve?

Only they can print bogus Fiat Currency and get away with it!

The U.S. Treasury cannot print money – congress abdicated their Constitutionally-mandated power over 100 years ago when they allowed centralized banking (and, consequently, established the IRS).

The Federal Reserve (again, not federal, nor a reserve) is a privately-owned bank that we PAY to print our money. So if we need $100, they’ll print that up for $105… when you ask where are we going to get that extra $5 to pay them back, they’ll just tell us to borrow more.

Hence why the National Debt will never go away until we change the monetary policy in this country (and the world); but too many people profit from it, and those that try almost always wind up dead (think Lincoln and Kennedy).

You think the government hates competition? Try international financiers.

nailed it on the head roy

I can’t help but admire the audacity of the Govt for coming up with terms like “Federal Reserve” and “State Board of Equalization”.

all money is fiat

if gold was still money, it would still be fiat.

even sea shells if used for trade as money is fiat

there has to be a decree this or that

thats fiat.








you cant win the cards are marked

everybody makes a profit over time

everybody includes all of us

hurray for OUR federal reserve

if you have a better way write it up present it

to the fine people at the Council on Foreign Relations

they are always looking for a better way.

You know why gold is not “fiat?” SCARCITY. The same reason that paper money would work just fine if the level of money was stable. It is the *supposed* benefits of monetary expansion that creates the problem and leads to it being inherently unsound AND inherently unfair and corrupt. Just because some people don’t properly understand the problem (they just sense that their is one) and their reasoning isn’t sound, does not mean that everything is a-ok with our monetary system.

The Federal Reserve priests supposed to keep unemployment below a mysterious divine equation derived number.

no one ever calls them on it instead people go on with spooky conspiracy talk about our Fed , and blame the president instead demanding the fed stick to its charter. The Fed had little to nothing to do with the 2008 debacle and nothing major since being reformed during the FDR years by Marriner Eccles who came to the same conclusion as Keynes Independently. fiat means by decree. gold is not money. It was never a standard as described, we have out grown gold there is no longer enough gold on the planet to contain the value of a single days agricultural and industrial output. The king’s priest consecrates the gold the king decrees it money Fiat means by decree. that will be one sovereign citizen the king. We are a republic we be sovereign people, (the first real progressives!) our central bank is spread out all over the country.