Rodent killer sparks SLO brush fire

July 27, 2015

FIRE_01A homemade device that kills rodents caused a brush fire that broke out Sunday afternoon on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo. [KSBY]

Cal Fire crews responded to the blaze at Laureate Lane and O’Connor Way around 12:30 p.m. The fire burned about a half acre before firefighters gained control of it.

The rodent-killing device, which is dubbed a Rodenator, creates underground explosions that kill the animals. Firefighters say the man who was using the Rodenator stayed at the scene of the fire.

Authorities have not yet determined whether the man will be held responsible for the fire.

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Oh Rats !

OMG, using explosives to take of rodents. CRAAAAZZZYYY. What’s next, flamethrowers?

The idea is the concussion kills them.

Very bad idea.

Homemade? I don’t think so. It is a product you buy ready to go. Also (not sure if still in business) there was a business in A.G. a dozen years back that offered this service. Of course the info. comes from the Trib, so I’m not surprised.

Looked into buying one for our gopher problem 12 years ago but it was $1000-$1500 dollars I remember and it wasn’t worth the cost.

It’s not really homemade. I Love the videos:

If the firemen are already on shift, exactly what extra costs are incurred as opposed to them sitting around the firehouse?

My guess would be fuel for the vehicles, water or other materials for fighting the fire, wear and tear on the equipment, anything used by the personal for fighting the fire such as O2 or other items used up or damaged because of having to fight a fire, and the possibility of persons having to put in OT because of being out on a call and not able to just leave the station when their shift ended.

“Authorities have not yet determined whether the man will be held responsible for the fire.”

I guess if he wasn’t responsible for the fire, it must have been an act of god, is that it? Perhaps we should just compensate the poor man for the stress and anxiety that the fire caused to him?

Where can I buy a Politicianator….that would be a fire the whole town would not want exti guished!