Tom Selleck accused of water theft

July 9, 2015
Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

A Central Coast water district filed a suit Tuesday against Magnum PI star Tom Selleck, after a real private investigator discovered the actor allegedly stealing water from a public hydrant. [LA Times]

In the lawsuit, the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County claims a tanker truck filled up at a hydrant more than a dozen times and hauled water to a 60-acre avocado ranch between 2013 and 2015. The district paid a private investigator nearly $22,000 to discover who was stealing its water.

In 2009, Selleck garnered permission to take water from the public hydrant. However, several months later after the district learned about a law that bans transferring potable water outside a district’s boundaries and told Selleck to stop taking water from the hydrant.

“Our 630,000 customers are ripping out their lawns, drastically cutting back on the water they use,” said Eric Bergh, resources manager for the Calleguas Municipal Water District, to the LA Times. “The water that we have secured for them, that they have paid for, should remain in district boundaries.”

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Does anyone here read the news for updates?

Magnum’s innocent! I knew he’d be vindicated. He bought the water so no crime was even committed.

Water was legally paid for…………

Is this like getting free water from the hydrant on Prado from the City’s corporate yard? Maybe we should check if THAT violates any of our multitude of laws…

Right on Tom! – my man Magnum dude, with the hairy chest and thick bad ass mustachio that the ladies of the 80’s banged all day. You go get that water; cause the farmers of California just pump that wetness all day and all night. Strawberry fields, alfalfa fields, and almonds up and down the state are green as can be while all these sappy losers have dead lawns that buy into Jerry Brown’s battle cry against green lawns and clear toilets. Read em and weep all you mindless numb head brain stems: 80% of water to AG, 20% to your homes. No meters in the fields, no reductions from those guys till the well go dry.

AHHH a satire troll ! Bravo !

You need to get the stories straight,uncle jerry and the rest before him pour 50 % of the water down the river for the little plankton and such that we can’t see, the envrionmental wack jobs think this will do some good for the planet, so its pretty hard for farming to get 80% of the water when 50% goes down the river.

I like Tom Selleck, from what I’ve heard of him he is a decent soul. I don’t know if this could be classified as theft yet but I have a friend with a small avocado ranch and he is going through drought hell right now, so this should be stopped. But while we are at it we should launch a drone over Beverly Hills. I’d bet a hundred bucks it looks like the garden of Eden.

I like Tom Selleck, too. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Actually liked his Magnum P.I. series and his movies. Thought he did well as Eisenhower in a recent miniseries.

Don’t think he personally knew, or condoned this theft.

Still, he is a Republican, that has embraced war criminals and economic criminals, so there’s that.

Undoubtedly, he’ll plead ignorance. Ironic, eh ?

Geee …Selleck is a REPUBLICAN, too; along with being a cheat and a thief.

Fancy that !


I am a DEM but your constant shrill attacks on anything to do with Republicans is really getting old. Apparently you see everything as a blue vs red thing which is ridiculous. Ill bet you even think Adam Hill is doing a great job even though so many of us Dems see him as the crook he is and truly hope that there is someone else who is electable and accountable.

I’ve come to the conclusion that he is unmarried and lives in his mom’s basement and trolling CCN’s is all he’s got. Ease up on the poor guy.

“Guy” are you sure?

Guess he is just trying to catch up to the Democrats in CA

Why did he ever have permission to use public water at all? This is his private/commercial avocado orchard, no? What the hell made him think he should be entitled?

No doubt being worth 25 million, he figures that he can afford any fine associated with the theft of the water. He knows his celebrity status is essentially his get (stay) out of jail card and he obviously chooses to exploit it. It’s what’s wrong with America.

Due to water quality issues, these systems need to be flushed from time to time. I’d rather see it used to water trees than just dumped into the street. The no-longer-potable water may displace the need for potable water that would otherwise be used to produce food.

The article states that he had permission in 2009, but then the district, realizing that granting permission violated its own laws, rescinded the permission….or did they?

Another juicy Enquirer-like story….