1001 Ashley Madison users in SLO County

August 28, 2015


In San Luis Obispo County, of the 1001 participants on the hookup website Ashley Madison, 978 are men and 23 are women. The largest single occupation for local users is lawyer followed by doctor.

Users include pastors, school teachers, a large number of business owners, three local media executives, government workers, and several family members of a high-ranking government official. The list also includes Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year Lenny Jones, who is currently housed in the county jail while he faces charges of child molestation.

On July 12, hackers threatened to expose users of the site if its administrators did not take it down. On Aug. 17, the hackers followed through on their threat and released the credit card and billing information of the more than 37 million users of Ashley Madison.

The site, with a tagline that says, “Life is short, have an affair,” claims it provides participants access to married people wanting to have an affair.

Ashley Madison

CalCoastNews’ technical team downloaded the Ashley Madison financial charges, personal profiles and messages, and separated it by San Luis Obispo County zip codes. Editorial staff then pored over the information and contacted a handful of users in order to provide more information on San Luis Obispo County’s Ashley Madison participants. CalCoastNews is not planning to publish the list or name most members of the site.

Of the top seven users in total numbers of billing charges, six were men and one was a woman. Ashley Madison users convert money for credits they spend when they message other users.

The top user was a successful businessman who made 83 payments to Ashley Madison from 2012 through 2014. The man lived in Avila Beach until he died earlier this year with his wife holding his hand, according to his obituary.

The second most prolific user, with 55 purchases, is a man who works for PG&E and lives in Atascadero. A 71-year-old Los Osos man is third on the list.

Tied for fourth and fifth place are a pastor from Paso Robles and a female dancer from Arroyo Grande. A Shandon rancher is sixth on the list and a Creston farmer is seventh.

Of the 23 women on the list, one is a Nipomo woman who describes herself on Facebook as a wife, mother and member of a service club. There is a dancer, an instructor with the Atascadero Unified School District, a nurse at the Atascadero State Hospital, an attorney’s wife (he is on there also), and several government employees.

One San Luis Obispo man in his 30s initially responded, “I don’t remember signing up for Ashley Madison.” when asked about his name appearing on the list. He then said, “You didn’t look at the pictures, did you?”

A San Luis Obispo based attorney said he began utilizing Ashley Madison at a time he was no longer intimate with his wife, though they were still living together. “I was still married, that’s why I joined Ashley Madison,” he said.

A local media executive who participated in Ashley Madison from 2008 through 2013, said that along with his wife he now counsels other couples about the perils of internet cheat sites. The San Luis Obispo man said his wife is aware of his participation with Ashley Madison, but his children are not.

“It is part of my past that I’m not proud of,” he said. “It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been on the site.”

When the hackers released the data, they claimed that thousands of the 5.5 million female profiles were fakes added by Ashley Madison to attract men.

In San Luis Obispo County, only 2 percent of paid participants from July 2008 through May 2015 were female. Of those, it appears only one, the dancer, was an active user of the site after joining.

These numbers support what several men told CalCoastNews, that though they checked their Ashley Madison mail and sent messages, they never actually met in person any of the women they chatted with on Ashley Madison.

From July 2008 through May 2015, San Luis Obispo County residents paid approximately $85,000 to join and participate on Ashley Madison.

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This is fantastic information. The great value in it is that it should drive home to people the dishonesty that is pervasive in our culture. It demonstrates that people should take the judgmental statements of holier than though people with a grain of salt, and that people should be careful about judging others while thinking that members of their own socioeconomic group actually live the values they claim.


I actually have the raw data (all 9.7GiB gzipped) and have enjoyed perusing the dumps (dump is a computer term for literally that, a data dump – in this case, a database).

The data is easily obtainable and simple to search through, although it is MASSIVE when unzipped (above 30GiB! for mostly TEXT – that is a LOT of text).

Would you like names? They’re there. Sort by zip code is easiest. …and a good time was NOT had by all.


Forgot to mention, the credit card info starts in 2008-03-21 and goes through 2015-06-28. Lots of money being paid to assuage sexual desires and fantasies… if one eats sugar and fat all the time, one should expect a severe decline in health. No different with morality.


Never put anything on an electronic device hooked up to the internet that you wouldn’t want the entire world to see.


Sounds like a sausage-fest. Many users from Malibu with both a male a female profile?

Ralph Snart

Lawyers are the biggest cheaters. This is news!


**** sorry that should read at not are

The Daily

Bunch a dudes talkin to a bunch a bots. Where’s Ted on this one, this is right up his “holier than thou” alley, OMG, you don’t think our Teds fell to the internet temptations of the flesh? Give it up Ted! Cleanse yourself!


Not sure if they were bots, but there are a TON of false members (they have a specific flag on the account). I’m guessing it was a sweatshop-like environment similar to a telemarketers sty.


Apart from the class action against the AM site for failure to protect privileged information, people should sue them for fraud. Everyone should be able to be reimbursed for all the money they spent but were cheated out of (except for Josh Duggar of course since he got what he paid for, twice). Hummm, sounds sort of ironic that cheaters will be demanding their money back because they were cheated out of cheating, LOL.


I just want to know if any of those bozos who were looking for a fling with a bimbo, got matched to their spouse. Now that would make me smile.


That’s the plot of the old “If you like Pina Colada” song.


Well there is a local attorney who was on the site and so was his wife. Don’t know if they knew about each other, but it would have been rather easy for them to make contact since they were both from the same town looking for an affair on the same site. I wonder if that’s why they’re divorced now?


Bad behavior. Own it scum.