Morro Bay councilman requests time off

August 28, 2015
Matt Makowetski

Matt Makowetski

Morro Bay Councilman Matt Makowetski is requesting up to 90 days off as he battles what he describes as a “very persistent eye infection.”

In a letter to Mayor Jamie Irons, Makowetski said he has been battling the eye infection for about six weeks, and it is making it very difficult for him to do daily tasks, let alone serve on the council. Makowetski said he will return to the council when physically able, and if he does not recuperate, he will notify the council as soon as possible.

Makowetsi has a condition called Acanthamoeba keratitis, according to a Tribune report. The condition is caused by a bacterial invasion in the cornea of the eye in individuals who wear contact lenses.

The councilman believes he may have scratched the cornea of his eye this summer while surfing or spearfishing. Since early July, he has had a painful infection that makes it difficult to read and causes sensitivity to light, he said.

Makowetski told the Tribune he mostly sits in a dark room with an eye patch on. The pain has made it virtually impossible for him to read staff reports and prepare for a council meeting, he said.

The councilman said he is receiving weekly treatment. In the worst-case scenario, Matkowetski would have to undergo a cornea replacement surgery.

The council is expected to address Matkowetski’s requested leave of absence at its Sept. 8 meeting. It is likely the council will proceed with four members while he recovers.

Morro Bay voters elected Matkowetski in 2014, a year in which George Leage and Nancy Johnson left the council. The current council leans left and is not as divided as Morro Bay councils of recent years.

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Get Well Soon Matt….but you do not have ask permission from King Irons to miss meetings!!

Once again King Irons shows how out of touch he is with reality by scheduling this for a Council meeting discussion and action. According to the Trib article King Irons even said he was having the $330 hour attorney even research the issue. Love to know how much that will cost.

Research what King Irons? I know you would love it if Council members could proxy their votes to you. Then Christine and Noah wouldn’t have to show up and you could sit up there all by yourself. Fortunately, anyone with a brain knows that as an elected official

,the Council can do absolutely nothing, only the people who elected him can do something.. But then again, King Irons has never understood much.

It’s my belief that the City of Morro Bay would be better off if the entire City Council would take the rest of their terms off. That being said, I wish Matt a speedy recovery.

wishing matt wellness. no big difference however since the city council members have no ability to think or vote on their own. now the vote will be 4-0 instead of 5-0.

Not sure why he thinks he needs to ask permission. It is nice that he is letting his constitutes know he has some health issues he needs to take care of but he is an elected official and equal to the rest of council. He is not appointed and doesn’t need their permission. Theoretically he could not show up at all and unless the voters were to recall him he holds his seat until next election. I hope that he’s just being polite asking and it’s not because he doesn’t even know this.

We are all hoping the treatment works and we will have Matt back at Council Meetings very soon. He is an energetic, hard working Councilman and we shall miss him.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

Elected officials take a lot of bashing (sometimes deservedly), but this sounds like it sucks.