Shark attacks surfer in Morro Bay

August 31, 2015
Elinor Dempsey

Elinor Dempsey

A 54-year-old Los Osos woman survived a shark attack while surfing Saturday morning at Morro Strand State Beach. [Daily Mail]

The shark bit off an approximately 14-inch-wide chunk of Elinor Dempsey’s surfboard. But, Dempsey escaped the attack uninjured.

Dempsey initially thought the creature swimming underneath her surfboard was a dolphin. But, when it chomped at her board, she realized it was a shark.

Dempsey jumped off the board and into the water, pushing the board toward the shark. She made a break for the shore and swam without looking back.

Other surfers helped Dempsey get back on her board and out of the water. The board was attached to her ankle while she was swimming.

It is not yet known whether the shark was a juvenile or adult. The shark is estimated to be between six and 15 feet.

Dempsey described it as a large grey shape that was hovering a few feet below her board.

Authorities closed down the beach following the attack. A 1.5-mile stretch of beach in San Diego was also closed Saturday because of a shark Sighting.

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That’s not the only shark in MB!

CRICKEY! There’s a wake-up call for you!

I would have used the picture of the board with the 14″ bite taken out of it! That would be better clickbait. Just saying.

Glad Ms. Dempsey is all well. The bright side: she now gets to get a new board!


It’s still news when a surfer or swimmer encounters one, since shark attacks are still very rare in the US.

Hope you get wet soon Elinor! Shake it off!