Car thieves caught in SLO, Santa Barbara

August 31, 2015

car-theft-612nm022311Both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara police arrested alleged car thieves over the weekend. A suspect who allegedly stole a car in Santa Barbara was also arrested in Oxnard following a police chase.

Around 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, San Luis Obispo police spotted a suspicious woman sitting inside an Audi A4 Sedan on Pismo Street by Mitchell Park. Officers ran the vehicle’s license plate and determined the car was stolen in Sacramento. [KSBY]

Officers arrested 45-year-old April Louis Crosby, the woman who was in the vehicle. They also arrested 26-year-old Tahkoda Wayne Sims.

Police found Sims sleeping in the park. Officers say he was there with Crosby.

Officers also found a gun inside the vehicle. The gun is registered to a person in Susanville, and police are trying to determine whether the weapon was stolen.

On Saturday, Santa Barbara police arrested an unidentified man, who is accused of stealing a vehicle from a person he knows. Officers located the vehicle by using a tracking device that was on board. [KEYT]

The vehicle was tracked down about an hour after it was reported stolen.

Terrance Trout, a 28-year-old Oxnard man, allegedly stole a Ford F-150 in Santa Barbara. The truck was spotted in Ventura around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Officers then located the vehicle in Oxnard, and a police chase ensued.

Police called off the chase temporarily, but officers then deployed a spike strip, which the truck hit. The spike strip deflated two of the truck’s tires.

Trout continued to flee with the deflated tires, but then stopped. Officers took him into custody.


Stealing a car from a person you know – and now having to replace 2 of the tires and rims. Nice job Trout. Some pal you are.

Glad the cops were able t reel this fish in with the spike strip. Should be an awkward reunion with the guy who owns the truck.


Petty drug traffickers. The stolen vehicle is just gravy for them.

So now we should ask ourselves, what are a couple of bush-league mules doing in our town over by Mitchel Park?


Good job SLO PD.


The extent to which crime has increased in SLO—serious crime (as in felonies) is alarming. It is no longer the small, quaint town it used to be, but is a crime and homeless infested dry desert….

Extremely Stoic

You don’t like it, please relocate. Thanks.


I recently did (the crime, the student B/S, the transient men).


Well how about getting tough on crime instead and restoring our quality of life? Why do we pander to the transients, druggies, etc.while good law abiding, taxpaying CITIZENS are harassed? A guy washed his car on his lawn so the water would water it, and was cited for having his car parked on his lawn. Let’s major on the majors and clean this place up.


27 likes for utter nonsense!? That is very telling about people’s ignorance. CRIME HAS DECREASED IN SAN LUIS OBISPO. It jumped slightly again the last year, but overall it isn’t any higher than it was in the 1990s. FACT. Quit basing your opinions off of your biased personal impressions, and come to reality. This level of ignorance really makes me angry. When you find out I’m right, maybe you should ask yourselves WHAT ELSE might you be completely wrong about.