SLO Sheriff releases full list of alleged cocaine traffickers

August 12, 2015
Chase Michael Hansen

Chase Michael Hansen

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s office has released an expanded roster of an alleged cocaine trafficking ring that the district attorney’s office had already begun prosecuting.

Last week, the DA’s office announced it had filed charges against seven men accused of trafficking cocaine. On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office added two names to the list of suspects and held a press conference where it exhibited the cocaine and firearms seized.

Investigators seized more than five kilos of cocaine, which has an estimated street value of more than $200,000, according to the sheriff’s office. Detectives also confiscated handguns, semi-automatic rifles and ammunition.

Each of the suspects are residents of San Luis Obispo County. Investigators served search warrants at several locations, including Morro Bay, Los Osos, Atascadero and Paso Robles.

The drug ring distributed cocaine in the county, as well as in surrounding counties, according to the sheriff’s office.

The majority of the suspects have already been arraigned in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

Tuesday’s news release stated the sheriff’s office waited until this week to announce the arrests because it was still serving search warrants, as of Friday night, and it did not want to jeopardize the investigation. The release also stated the sheriff’s office did not want to release information in a “piecemeal fashion.”

The nine suspects charged in the case are:

Chase Michael Hansen, 25, Morro Bay

Chase Michael Hansen, 25, Morro Bay

Dane James Bennett

Dane James Bennett, 26, Morro Bay

Jonathan David Byham, 25, Atascadero

Jonathan David Byham, 25, Atascadero








Sawyer Scott Sackett, 18, Paso Robles

Sawyer Scott Sackett, 18, Paso Robles

Johnnie James Medina Jr., 27, Morro Bay

Johnnie James Medina Jr., 27, Morro Bay

Alexander John Getzbouchillon, 23, Los Osos

Alexander John Getzbouchillon, 23, Los Osos








Jason Vidal Sianez, 27, Atascadero

Jason Vidal Sianez, 27, Atascadero

Joseph Arch Messineo, 39, Atascadero

Joseph Arch Messineo, 39, Atascadero

Alexander Allan Matarese, 31, Cayucos

Alexander Allan Matarese, 31, Cayucos









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Yet another drug bust without Parkinson’s Navy boat.

You could still get blow at Taco Temple even after the last bust? No one told me.

To those who can’t understand why it is not appropriate that they used Materese to set this up… When you sit on a jury, what does the judge tell you? He tells you not to put your own interpretation or your own views or consider whether the penalty is too harsh or whether the person is decent or awful, but to determine whether the person is guilty of violating the law. That is all juries are instructed to do because justice is supposed to be blind.

The same thing should apply to law enforcement. They arrested an individual for 6.5 POUNDS of cocaine. That’s a whole lot of dope. Then they let him go to catch some others. They should have placed him into custody and charged him with his crime, not decide to treat him differently because they might get something out of him. If they are professionals, then they can build their cases from legitimate investigations that don’t involve putting people under duress in order to get evidence. People in that position are not reliable witnesses, they have been provided incentives to lie about the activities of other people, provide false evidence, You simply don’t know what one is capable of when in such a position.

Local law enforcement practices bottom-feeding investigations. They arrest individuals on minor offenses and threaten them with big time unless they are willing to turn over somebody else. Many of these arrests never hit the newspaper. A few months ago they raided a house down the street in a very violent manner. Cops flew through stopsigns in unmarked vehicles (not even state plates) in a residential neighborhood, pulling their loaded weapons and pointing them at the head of a neighbor who had just arrived home. When I asked what it was about, they refused to even acknowledge me. The arrest never appeared in the press. When I inquired with the police department later, because I would like to know what the hell is going on in my neighborhood, I was told it was an arrest for a stolen car. I later found this not to be true. This kind of behavior is not only unprofessional, but many times it is ILLEGAL.

Now, Alexander Gazpachoboullion, he must have been in R&D – the Lead Product Tester.

R&D = Research and Development

Because he looks like someone who might use.

I’m buying every one except Dane Bennett. Guilty of selling comic books on the black market, yes. Peddling counterfeit Lord of the Rings Memorabilia, maybe. But cocaine? He must have been the IT guy for this organization.

IT = Information Technology

Because he looks like a geek.

morro bay city council just had business with johnnie medina on their recent agenda….

Johnie Medina is Johnnie Medina Jr’s father, Sr had business with the council not Jr.

They say that LOL is being phased out and being replaced by “haha”.

For simply cross-referencing the name “Johnny Medina” + “Morro Bay City Council”, and informing us that there was a relationship between the two, you have received 7 Likes and 0 Dislikes. This is very troubling.

Drug bust, that’s the law, so good. As for the guns and ammo, the inference is that they were illegal too, I don’t know that to be true. If they were legally owned, I see no relevance in listing legal firearms unless the toilet seats and furniture are listed too. Again, get the crap sellers but leave legal fire arms out of the discussion unless law enforcement needs to fire back and I hope with greater accuracy.

Thats common. Remember the CPA/investment guy from Morro Bay about 15 yrs ago who was busted at home for embezzlement/fraud. KSBY was there and they/cops showed his weapons, porno magazines and porn on his computer. Guy had a shotgun and a couple bolt action hunting rifles, none of which were germane to the charges

The real question here needs to be why is the supposedly disbanded NTF still operating? (They operate under the initials SET now)

Yes you are correct the public and entire community were led to believe the corrupt NTF under the office of SLO Sheriff’s Dept. was shut down after the arrest by the FBI of one of the NTF’s members Cory Pierce, yet today another former member of that very same corrupt Taks Force was to be arraigned today his name is A.J. Santana who still maintains connections via his wife with DDA’s sent AJ a personal note ” Hang in There” this while he was let go from the DA’s office so why are members of the DA’s office and some of his old NTF pal’s covering for him ?

So back to the mis-direction both the Sheriff and X Chief SLO PD Gesell told the community that every member of this NTF volunteered to take a drug test ? yet not one result was ever make public nor was the supposed testing done in a transparent method if it even happened at ALL.

Then none were given any polygraphs either, so the NTF in reality moved from the Walters building on S. Higuera some time ago, but nothing else changed the same old crew minus Cory Pierce and now minus DA NTF member AJ Santana, all were partnered with VIc Nunez the star in this recent cocaine bust. No mention of last weeks massive “Bust” in the parking lot of House of Bread, where SATCOM’s were taken as well as other contraband.

So the lod NTF is still here it is now called SET=Special Enforcement Team, but in reality it is hiding under the umbrella of SLONET= San Luis Obispo Narcotics Team, same old players except three Cory Pierce, AJ Santana and Dustin Alexander who was sent back to uniformed patrol.

Who by chance had a few nasty words to me face to face near Peets Coffee he became very hostile and unglued that he is off the TF and back on the beat, yet his attitude is still the same hostile, angry and aggressive. After he has a barrage of nasty things to say about me and of course CCN, he is mad he is off the NTF, missing his buddies i assume AJ Santana, Cory Pierce, X SLO PD Limon, Mcdow as well who both were fired for drug smuggling.

Really odd thing his other former partner VIc Nunez is the very same that swore under oath on this recent cocaine case, be interesting to see who all this “BLOWS” out. Remember there have several alphabet soup names still operating under different names. I can honeslty say it was a Federal Criminal Agency who was wanting information on the TF and the fake NTF FB Site SUMMER JOHNSON, it will be interesting to see how many more times i get stopped by SLO Officer Alexander now that he is back on the patrol beat.

So, we don’t need to arrest drug dealers? Is that your point?

No you missed the point we need to stop real dangerous hard core criminals but we must be transparent, honest, ethical and no one is above the law.

The problem is the supposed NTF is dirty, unethical, corrupt and dishonest, you see there have been numerous members in trouble, AJ Santana, Cory Pierce, Dustin Alexander who by the way today tried to harass me downtown in front of several witnesses since once i turned him and Vic Nunez, Cory Pierce and AJ Santana and him in as lying dirty cops he was let go from the NTF and placed back on Street patrol as he so violently told me today .

We still have plenty of lying dirty cheating cops and Dustin is one of them.

So you are saying that these guys were not dealing drugs?

Did “Dustin” plant the drugs on them? Pray tell.

No the point is corruption is rampant in the supposed local Narco Task force thus far over 6 officers have been arrested, fired, quit or been charged the only one still on the take are Dustin Alexander who tried to make threats today since i turned in thus far over 4 dirty cops including AJ Santana, Dustin Alexander who tired to threaten me today at in front of Peets Coffee. You have corrupt Narcs or wannabes like Vic Nunez, Dustin Alexander, Cory Pierce , AJ Santana, so many more who have lied and committed perjury and now make threats to civilians who give CCN tips or turn in corrupt cops.

This is such a load of crap. That guy right on the bottom there, Matarese, was arrested just one month ago with 6.5 pounds of cocaine. Most likely, he set this whole thing up, getting a bunch of local kids involved, and was doing so as a paid informant.

This is the NTF gone crazy again. SHUT THEM DOWN!

From what i’ve heard there were small active investigations against a few of these guys, but virtually the entire case “came together” when Matarese was arrested and was promised a deal if he talked. In other words, they would have nothing without the Matarese arrest.

What’s laughable is how the SO is trying to spin this as though their talent and hard work brought down a sophisticated distribution network. No. They got lucky, and these guys are just 1 small group of street level punks at best. Locally there’s at least a dozen more just like this one. They never even come close to the big fish who actually operate the large regional and national distribution networks. But they never will. In the end they’re just throwing untold sums of our money at a problem they are incapable of solving.

The attacks on law enforcement and support for the good ‘ol boy local drug dealers in the comments is amazing. In a nutshell, if LE can’t take down the cartels somebody has to sell for them so why not us? Let’s post photos of all of them playing Little League or water-skiing at the lake.

Not necessarily, condoning it is one extreme, but ruining lives for it is another. They should simply limit their activity to arresting people for illegal behavior, not using informants who they have threatened with massive time to create imaginary “drug rings” out of a few local punks.,

Why should the lives of the cartel leaders be ruined? And is this the new equivalent of a misdemeanor marijuana offense? Kilos of coke? Maybe. I’m open to discussion, but this was not an “imaginary” drug ring, it was real.

Yeah, I am certain that they were innocent little children playing on swing sets until he “st them up.”

Kudos to law enforcement.

Its obvious who is rolling on everyone. Alexander Allan Matarese, 31, Cayucos

Time to hire the BEST lawyers in SLO County. Jeff Stein and Chris Casciola!

No props to Ilan? I grew up reading about Ilan in the paper long before ludicrous defense arguments routinely worked on our Court/M TV jury pool. Do you work for Stein and Casciola or is this a reference from a satisfied client?

No I dont work for Stein and Casciola and am not a satisfied client. They believe it or not have integrity unlike Funke.

When it comes to attorneys, always go with a Stein over a Casciola.