FBI agents raid Palm Springs City Hall

September 2, 2015

fbiFBI agents and members of the  Riverside County District Attorney’s Office raided Palm Springs City Hall and the mayor’s home Tuesday as part of a political corruption investigation. No one was arrested, though city staffers were sent home.

The investigating agencies are not disclosing the nature of the investigation, though it is suspected to be related to Mayor Stephen Pougnet’s financial ties to a developer.

The Desert Sun recently reported that Pougnet was a paid consultant making more than $200,000 from a local developer. Pougnet had participated in a vote approving the sale of a city property to a company the developer had connections with.

After reporters exposed Pougnet’s actions, he chastised the newspaper and defended his job as a consultant for developers while serving as a public official.

“Like all my colleagues on council, I also work for a living,” Pougnet said in an open letter to the public. “In Palm Springs, as in most cities, the mayor and councilmembers serve part-time at the pleasure of voters. One reason I believe we’ve enjoyed such a renaissance in Palm Springs is because your council, like many of you, work full-time in our community in addition to their service at City Hall.”

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The FBI should raid the City Hall of Paso Robles, Jim App, his Ole Boy Clique, et al.

Mayor Pougnet sounds like Adam Hill to me…wallow in illicit relationships and then blame the outrage on the folks who outed him.

Still waiting for the FBI in Atascadero. chirp, chirp….

Dear FBI,

Please add the following to your list, if they’re not already on it:

City of San Luis Obispo

990 Palm Street

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

County Government Center

1055 Monterey Street

San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Thank you,

Yet Another Gang-Fleeced Citizen

Interestingly that is where Tony Ferrera the ex mayor of Arroyo Grande just moved to.

Didn’t Wade McKinney take over as the city manager in Palm Springs last year or was it Indian Wells which is next door? Either way, what’s with the dumb a– mayor that he doesn’t know that he is supposed to recuse himself from such votes? I guess he knows now.

He’s in Indian Wells.

Interesting…Indian Wells has had its conflict-of-interest-laden politician nightmares, too.

WOW!!! I can think of a few local cities you could slap the name on the report and it would have similarities.

On the Central Coast the list of cities that could NOT be investigated would be much smaller.

Or maybe some county supervisors!

I can think of three supervisors!

The SLO Planning Department Personal comes to mind.

Government corruption and cronyism. What a surprise.

News Flash: FBI agents and members of the SLO County District Attorney’s Office raided San Luis Obispo City Hall and the mayor’s home Tuesday as part of a political corruption investigation.

Why not? The ties between our local “progressive” council members and developers sound exactly like those between the guys in Palm Springs. Add in the payola via campaign contributions and donations to council members’ non-profits, then the fact they gave these donors everything they wanted when they revised the general plan just months ago, and you’ve got a really ugly picture of corruption. Come on FBI — we need you here too!

What’s keeping them I wonder? Maybe if the Tribune would do their job of unbiased reporting it would be picked up by the watchful eye of the FIBs.