Man who fell off boat in Morro Bay dies

September 7, 2015

ambulance 4A 59-year-old man who fell off a boat in Morro Bay Friday evening died over the weekend.

Shortly after 8 p.m., the man fell overboard while on the Papagallo II dinner cruise about 500 yards outside Morro Bay Harbor. The victim was found unconscious in the water, but he was rescued, given CPR and taken to the hospital.

A spokesman for Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center said the man died on Sunday. Authorities have still not released the man’s identity, but they have disclosed he was a resident of San Luis Obispo County.

Morro Bay Police Commander Bryan Millard said investigators are treating the incident as a suspicious death because they do not have clear facts about what happened aboard the boat. Both the police department and county coroner’s office are investigating the death.

No charges have been filed.

During the incident, another passenger on the boat heard a splash and spotted the man upside down in the water. The passenger jumped in and assisted the victim.

Crew members of the Morro Bay Oyster Company skiff then helped pull the victim out of the water and started first aid. An ambulance transported the man to Sierra Vista, and he arrived at the hospital in critical condition.

There were 22 passengers aboard the Papagallo II at the time the victim fell overboard.


Cal Coast News you’re still reporting falsely that this happened OUTSIDE THE HARBOR? Get your facts straight, this happened far inside the harbor in front of the Morro Bay Yacht Club. Condolences go out to this man’s friends and family.


Indeed, if you are 500 yards out of the harbor you are no longer in Morro Bay you are in Estero Bay (9 out of 10 people think Morro Bay is the entire bay, It’s not)