San Gabriel Elementary to reopen Monday

September 25, 2015

school busSan Gabriel Elementary School will reopen Monday, a little more than two weeks after closing due to the appearance of dangerous chemicals and threatening letters.

On Sept. 11, the San Luis Obispo County bomb squad removed a suspicious jar from the elementary school playground. The jar contained dangerous chemicals, and the FBI is still in the process of testing them.

Also, before teachers arrived on Sept. 11, someone left threatening letters to teachers. It remains unclear who left the notes.

The Atascadero Unified School District announced Friday morning that lab tests taken by a private company revealed no harmful chemicals. After shutting down San Gabriel, the school district hired an environmental firm to test the main portion of the campus for hazardous chemicals.

The lab tests are now complete, and the school environment is 100 percent safe for return, according to the district.

On Thursday, the school district invited parents to return to the campus to pick up the children’s belongings. Some belongings had been left at the school during the evacuation.

Custodial staff are returning to the campus for a routine cleaning and to re-key all the buildings as a precautionary measure.

San Gabriel students have been attending classes at either Santa Rosa Academy, Santa Margarita Elementary School or San Benito Elementary School.

Atascadero police have been providing around-the-clock monitoring of San Gabriel Elementary. They will continue to do so, according to a school district press release.

When students return to campus, they will have the opportunity to speak with counselors if they so desire. Student transportation will return to the normal routes on Monday.


Where’s Kettle now, telling me I was an 8 year old for questioning how they knew the chemicals were dangerous when they hadn’t yet tested them?

Proof’s in the pudding isn’t it? You can’t just see a large plastic fast food cup on a curb and see some liquid in it and conclude it’s a dangerous chemical rather than 7 UP.


” You can’t just see a large plastic fast food cup on a curb and see some liquid in it and conclude it’s a dangerous chemical rather than 7 UP.”

Yes you can, someone did:

“The object left on the San Gabriel Elementary School playground Friday contained dangerous chemicals, according to an Atascadero Unified School District press release. ”

Q “If you don’t know what the chemicals are yet, how do you know they are dangerous?”

A “For example we could be smelling chlorine and as adults we know it’s a dangerous chemical. What chlorine compound is it ? We don’t know, hence the testing”

Go talk to the Atascadero Unified School District if you need more info.


Her point is still spot on. It’s ridiculous for them to make a huge scene when they don’t know what they’re dealing with, which turned out to be nothing. They should probably not have even mentioned they found a container with liquid because it wasn’t relevant until they test it and find out there’s something dangerous in it.


There was no dangerous chemical in the jar. This is just one law enforcement bumbling after the next. Was Reno 9-1-1 actually a documentary?!


I have a feeling your not the smartest person. The contents in the jar were a dangerous substance. Of what nature they don’t know yet. They made sure there where no longer chemicals at the school. They had a company come in and clean and test. Reno 911? Why not hit your bong and watch Supper Troopers?


SHADYMILKMEN Your future personal attacks on other commenters will be deleted without notice.

Please less about each other, much less.

fishing village

Schools need to be safe for our children, messing with them should be dealt with strongly! But, sick people need to know we mean business. Schools may be too open, to vulnerable?


May all the children and staff remain safe. Unfortunately, we live in a very disturbed society today and no one is safe in our current enviroment.


That is some paranoia there. This is probably the safest time in human history.


That is some paranoia there. This is probably the safest time in human history.


And that is the truth. People just love to fear monger and hate. In reality, this is the safest time for Americans in American history. By any metric you point to, it’s never been safer.