McCarthy in line to be speaker of the house

September 25, 2015
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

House Speaker John Boehner announced Friday that he is resigning, making Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Californian, the leading candidate to claim the most powerful job in Congress. [LA Times]

McCarthy’s district includes Bakersfield and most of Kern and Tulare counties. Prior to recent redistricting, he represented much of North San Luis Obispo County.

Boehner said he will resign at the end of next month. Boehner’s resignation will trigger an election of a new speaker, which McCarthy is favored to win.

However, some leading conservatives are calling for House Republicans to elect a more conservative speaker.

Last year, McCarthy moved up in rank from house majority whip to house majority leader after then-majority leader Eric Cantor lost a Virginia primary election. Cantor lost to a Tea Party candidate in the primary.

McCarthy was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2006. He became one of the quickest politicians in congressional history to achieve the rank of majority leader.

Prior to getting elected to Congress, McCarthy served in the State Assembly from 2002 to 2006. He was California’s Senate minority leader from 2004 to 2006.

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McCarthy as much as admitted on Hannity last night that Republicans purpose is to ensure that Democrats …especially President Obama, get no credit for accomplishing anything. McCarthy is actually proud of pointless obstructionism and wasting millions of dollars doing nothing.

Hear that, Republicans ? McCarthy and the rest of the dunderheads YOU vote for spend millions of YOUR tax dollars knowing that nothing gets done.

This jerk baloney slicer would still be a nothing if he hadn’t gotten lucky with a $5,000 scratch-off lottery ticket. The only thing he’s competent at is sucking up to people with more money than himself.

I say put Mia Love in as Speaker of the House. Then, when Dems oppose something, accuse them of waging a racist war on women…..that and she is an amazingly principled Representative.

When you all say “RINOs” and “fake Republicans,” I’m curious if you’ve realized what a real conservative is yet, or if you still think that the requirements include pandering to the religious right, waging war against muslims, and building border walls. Because if you do, then you are the RINO.

What is a ‘real’ Republican anymore ?

Lincoln ? T. Roosevelt ? Eisenhower ? Everett Dirksen ? Heck, even Reagan ?

I’d like to know, because any of these above would not be allowed in the GOP today, and doubt many would want to be.

NO more RINOS.No more phone smiling Socialists. McCarthy would be a huge mistake. Vote Gohmert in.

McCarthy is dumber than dirt …but he sure knows how to schmooze other Republican idiots and bamboozle the suckers !

McCarthy was one of the chief architects of what is known as the “Caucus Room Conspiracy”.

As such, I consider him a traitor and domestic terrorist.

Should be in prison or exiled.

A truly detestable piece of walking filth that has no place in a free society.

“I consider him a Domestic Terrorist”

Of course you do Slowerfaster, which is why we keep you around for a relic and for comedic relief.

But lets just following Slowfasters thinking…in a free society he would some how ban/kill/gas in oven people like McCarthy to keep them from walking around.

This is the tolerant left today folks, so full of hate and rage that they would use their free speech to deny it to others….interesting…but all you have to do is watch Hill and Gibson and you can better understand the left.

How true…proven by the written word of Tom Fulks and Jay Salter.

That said, I mourn the retirement of John Boehner.and so should any thinking moderate. As much as we may have not cared for his decisions on any given day, he was able to get us past impass.

When Progressives win …as we always do eventually; our overbiding nature for good and forgiveness and hope will mean that you fascists get to live another day.

Why the unpatriotic Tories were allowed to stay in America after the Revolutionary War.

Why the traitors of rebellion after the Civil War got to live, and not hung as prescribed in the Constitution.

Both mistakes, in my opinion.

So yeah …you’re correct: You would not want ME being the one to decide your fate.

I’m pretty decisive and will not tolerate fascist killers.

Learned it from my Dad, who put down numerous Waffen SS bastards in WWII.


I wouldn’t be quite so summarily , unless needs be. I’d march you to the sea, and then you could swim to your Nazi paradise.

This would be a big mistake, McCarthy has been Boehner’s right hand man which means we would be right back to start, meaning doing nothing to stop the Democrats/Obama, Peiple are upset because NOTHING has been done, we have won nothing, and we keep rolling over to this administration which is why people are angry and want Trump to move in! Don’t know that is the answer but something has to be done to stop this crazy movement. Today, we agreed to give billions more to the United Nations in the form of a new tax. Just nuts!

McCarthy is to the right of Boehner, he can hold his own. Got to have some cred from both sides to pull this off, he does

This is NOT the time for compromise and giving in, unless you want to leave America in ruins for your kids.

No more fake Republicans.

No more fake Republicans……That statement is the very root of this country’s problem.

Instead of “no more fake Republicans”, how about no more Republicans.

Adios John…..cry me a river.