Jeanette Trompeter leaving KSBY

October 24, 2015

Jeanette Trompeter announced Thursday on Facebook plans to vacate her news anchor position in March, five years after she returned to KSBY.

Trompeter co-anchors the evening news Monday through Friday with Dan Shadwell. Trompeter currently is also the co-owner of Ruby Shoes, a wine club she plans to focus on while she determines her next career move.

“Made the decision a couple of months ago, but news is spreading,” Trompeter wrote on Facebook. “Let the opportunities start unfolding.”

Trompeter was a high-profile reporter for KSBY during the mid-90’s before moving on to broadcasting gigs in both Des Moines and Minneapolis. In 2010, she returned to Central Coast and KSBY.

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Tough to listen to. Au revoir..

It was time. Actually, I quit watching a couple years ago. It was time then. It’s all crap.

Guess I’m old school but I still miss Marcy Degarimore, Wendy Thies and Sharon Graves.

I miss them as well. I had the opportunity to meet Sharon on a number of occasions, including Special Olympics, and several flights out of SLO back in the day.

Unfortunately, she suffered a great deal of embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of her then husband due to his lack of self control and respect for his wife and family.

Fortunately, she is doing well living in the mid west.

Really Sharon Graves?

Poor girl had to move out of town with her disgraceful husband!

Yes. The infamous “fish master” and the cal poly gym incident.

If she stays local and gets out a little bit, she will discover the flip side of. “There’s no place like home”.

Jeanette has been a total delight ! Oh No,,,,,,,,,,Don’t Go……..

SLO news day.

I know Jeanette will have a blast with her next adventure!

Um gee…wonder if KSBY knows she is leaving being everyone but KSBY has news of her parting. Wonder what happen To Mr. Reger, he just kind of dissapeared from the air waves.

Seems a trend is developing with KSBY that no anchor is working a “full time” position. One is on for a few days then gone for 4 or 5. Perhaps the General manager is cutting hours to be rid of any benefits. Considering there is 10 mins of news, and 20 mins of relentless repeat commercials every broadcast, you’d think they would be all wearing the finest of clothing and drowning in gold and diamonds. Perhaps the owners of the Telegram Trib bird cage liner have purchased KSBY. Oh ,and about the story on “human waste” being spilled on the road….nothing like exaggerating and sensationalizing the spilling of a truck load of fertilizer when its really treated biosolids.Want a story on human waste being dumped everywhere, go take a walk into any of the numerous bum camps in our many creek beds throughout SLO, Pismo, Avila, 5 cities, Price canyon, bla,bla. Its is a fecal coliform crap catastrophe waiting to take place once the rain starts. Naturally elevated coliform counts will be blamed on cattle farts and farmers.