King City to hire former AG manager Steve Adams

October 23, 2015
Steve Adams

Steve Adams

After searching statewide for a new city manager, the city council of King City decided on ousted Arroyo Grande executive Steve Adams.

The council unanimously concluded Adams is the best candidate to serve as city manager, a King City press release states. The council is expected to formally hire Adams on Tuesday, and he is tentatively scheduled to begin work in King City on Nov. 9.

On July 3, 2014, five Arroyo Grande police officers caught Adams and a subordinate employee in a darkened city hall. A summer-long sex scandal ensued, and Adams resigned from his position after the Arroyo Grande council placed him on administrative leave.

During the controversy, 16-year incumbent mayor Tony Ferara, who defended Adams, lost to then write-in candidate Jim Hill. Earlier this year, long-term city attorney Tim Carmel turned over his duties as Arroyo Grande’s legal counsel to a partner at his law firm.

City Manager Steve Adams and Teresa McClish

City Manager Steve Adams and Teresa McClish

Carmel led the investigation into the alleged affair between Adams and then-community development director Teresa McClish. The investigation only resulted in a verbal reprimand, even though the July 2014 incident was not the first time Adams and McClish had been caught engaging in inappropriate behavior.

The news release announcing Adams’ hire states the 2014 incident was thoroughly investigated at the time and it led to Adams’ decision to resign.

“The council concluded that the incident did not disqualify Mr. Adams from consideration as it was the only item of question in what has been a long and distinguished career,” the King City press release states.

Search firm Avery and Associates led the statewide hunt that ended with the King City Council selecting Adams.

News broadcaster KION reports Adams will receive a $152,000 salary in King City. Adams does not speak Spanish, but he is working to learn the language, the report states.

“My wife and I look forward to moving to King City and becoming active members of the community,” Adams is quoted as saying in the city press release.


Don’t worry.

Steve will retire as soon as he is fully vested.he has worked the system to the fullest including raping Arroyo Grande taxpayers for not only a settlement, but severance.

And as far as his new office – beware King City do not allow a couch!


Memo: To King City hall maintenance department

Install high current outlet in city mangers office.

He will need a circuit able to handle the load of a professional teapot.

We understand he host numerous tea parties in his office, late at night,

and with the lights out.


Steve and Rose raised their family in AG, he volunteered countless hours in the community coaching, etc. He did a lot of good things.

Unfortunately he also made some very poor personal decisions and it cost him and his family dearly. He should have admitted to his mistake, sincerely apologized and tried to move on.

As is the case so often, the lies and cover-up are what take you down.

Let’s hope he does a good job for King City, they can use some help.

Kevin 99

And we all know that it looked bad–really bad!–but it’s not a sex scandal unless there was…you know…


Gosh Kevin99 you make such a valid point … it was a late night tea party with clothing disheveled … YEA RIGHT.!!!!


Oh come on. You tried him and convicted him on this site, with only innuendo and speculation. And now you are praising his talents? With friends like you he is lucky to be embraced by King City. Shame on you! Sheesh.


Where he decided to do whatever he did was wrong.

Our city hall is not the place for he and McClish to come off their buzz, period.

If theyd have been discovered in a hotel room I could have cared less.

When we heard our mayor, city attorney and Steve himself blame the police (who were dispatched at the request of Mr McClish) that is another story.

My position hasn’t changed. Steve and Teresa used very poor judgment. He didn’t do himself any favors when he chose not to tell the truth.

What’s done is done, I don’t wish him ill will.


“The council unanimously concluded Adams is the best candidate to serve as city manager, a King City” – makes you wonder who else applied for the job! No Thomas Jefferson’s obviously.


G. W. applied, hatchet in hand.


Steve, this is the only Spanish you’ll need to learn…..Juro que soy inocente.


how about “Me gusta un buen té verde en la noche”


Sólo si se empapa

Mr. Holly

King City? Isn’t that where the police department was so corrupt that they had to bring in the Sheriff to clean things up. And then on top of that they also hired, temporarily, the former police chief of Atascadero who also left his position disgraced by his actions but saved his retirement with the help of his friend the former city manager of Atascadero. He should fit right in at King City.

With his Arroyo Grande settlement and the $152,000 salary plus benefits he may be one of the few people who think King City is a nice place.


Will Teresa be joining you?


This just proves that Mr Adams will say/do anything.

Who ‘looks forward’ to moving to King City?


Dear King City Facilities Maintenance,

Please install blackout shades and an internal dead bolt lock on my office. I often “work” late and need privacy…

The new guy,

Steve Adams