Man gets 23 years for sexual assault in SLO bathroom

October 20, 2015
Manuel Reyes Luevano

Manuel Reyes Luevano

A 49-year-old man received a 23-year prison sentence Monday for an incident in which he lured a developmentally disabled teen into a San Luis Obispo bathroom and attempted to rape her. [Tribune]

Manuel Reyes Luevano faced charges of forced oral copulation, kidnapping, sexual battery and false imprisonment. But, Luevano reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pleaded no contest to a single felony count of assault on a minor with intent to commit a felony.

Still, Luevano’s conviction carried two enhancements because he had two prior felonies, including one strike. His criminal history dates back to the 1980s and includes arrests for sexual and domestic battery, as well as attempted robbery, theft and vandalism.

On Dec. 28, 2014, a developmentally disabled girl became separated from her family while shopping in downtown San Luis Obispo. She approached Luevano and asked for directions.

At the time, Luevano was sitting on a bench in the 1200 block of Morro Street. He then forced the teen into a public restroom aside the parking structure on Morro Street and locked the door, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

While in the bathroom, Luevano sexually assaulted the teen for several minutes before she managed to push him away and escape, according to police.

Luevano received the maximum sentence for his conviction. He must serve at least 85 percent of the sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

If he is paroled, Luevano will have to re-register as a sex offender.

In a June letter to San Luis Obispo Judge Donald Umhofer, Luevano stated the proposed sentence was too harsh. The girl did not have the right to follow him into a public bathroom while she was sexually harassing him, Luevano wrote.

The victim and several of her family members, too, wrote letters. They were read in court as victim impact statements.

Additionally, several bikers sat in the courtroom Monday to support the victim. The motorcyclists were members of the organization Bikers Against Child Abuse.


San Luis Obispo needs to take a STRONG position with sex offenders who are willing to attack and rape to gratify their sick lust. We may have a lot of mentally ill, homeless individuals on the street, but THIS is not acceptable. A strong, double digit sentence speaks volumes. Pedophiles and rapists have a very busy tree of communication. They know where the kids and women are, what counties give lighter sentences when they get caught, and how easy the pickings are. Let these people know they will get 20+ for their crimes, and they will move elsewhere. (Not wishing this on other people–but that is how the world works with predators).

Dirk Anderson

I have not done a detailed analysis of this but it seems to me plenty of these Pedophiles, sex offenders etc. seem to be local, homegrown? Some married with children. They “put on” a Public persona and hide behind it. Pastors, Ministers, Priests, Cops etc.

This is absurd and ignorant. Pardon me I have better things to do.

Dirk Anderson

I have been in SlO almost 8 years. I do pretty much the same thing everyday: senior discount coffee, study Rig Veda, Avesta, Koran etc. (I converted).

I pass through the downtown area every day. I’m convinced, in addition to what I see in that local bankrupt newspaper, published in Fresno, Staffed by Poly Freshman interns, I am in the most psychologically ill, childish community in America.

There is “Always” something “Creeping” around in that Downtown area; especially during the Holidays. I wouldn’t know it existed until it: annoyed, harassed, baited, provoked, stuck it’s pus in my face, etc. every damn day.

I had a strange encounter in Mitchel Park restroom last Xmas Season while attempting to wash my face (another individual was also present). I have been told individual who screwed with me was a Police Officer.

It appears there are no cultural, social, legal restraints present to prevent any kind of lie and fabrication to be sent around.

Apparently last Xmas former Police Chief was on one of his Disney World trips and couldn’t be bothered.

I hold these “Stakeholder” swine accountable. I ever wind up in the big house, you’re coming too.


How is this relevant to a man raping a disabled woman in a public restroom?


Give your head a shake…it MIGHT help.

Dirk Anderson

Completely relevant based on my observations of a sick diseased, corrupt culture

which includes Law enforcement and everything else in between.

” With a criminal history that dates back to the 1980’s” Damn!

Not to mention the various spineless anonymous ferrets who are too gutless to Identify themselves. You are being reasonably accommodated are you not?

Merry Christmas! and nothing sacred about that in this community.


Actually, using an alias on a website such as this is utilized in case one gets into a discussion with a raving lunatic and said lunatic decides he wishes to visit the person at their domicile when their wives and children could be home.

Prudent. Not spineless.

Dirk Anderson

There you go hiding behind the wives and children (plenty of them are sex pervs, and God knows what else). None of the Cal Poly Dollies are scared.

If you are so concerned about it, don’t anonymously engage people that you are no competition for. Go back to writing on bathroom walls.


This never passed the smell test to me. He took the plea deal because of the threat of life imprisonment.


Good thing they caught and nailed this sick phuck. Put him in prison, no PC, and let these animals get what they deserve. We cannot have sympathy for the scum of the earth like this.


Castration should have been included in the sentence.