Mayor Tom O’Malley under fire for anti-Muslim post

October 10, 2015


As the international debate over religious intolerance rages, comments shared by Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley on Facebook have led to criticism and outrage from supporters and opponents.

On Sept. 24, O’Malley posted a link to a conspiracy blog that claims that Muslims are overtaking the White House. The poster goes on to erroneously report that President Barack Obama ordered five nuclear carriers from the Middle East in early 2014, endangering the lives of U.S. service men serving overseas.

Facebook Tom O'Malley

Shortly after O’Malley shared the post on his personal Facebook page, several readers voiced their concerns.

“Citizens should be scared spitless,” wrote Mary Lee Harris.

Lee Darling utilized the comment as a reason to vote for Donald Trump for president.

“That is why we need President Trump to rebuild our armed forces,” Darling wrote.

Nevertheless, most of the commentators, including former Atascadero City Council candidate Len Colamarino, chastised the mayor for promoting a conspiracy blog.

“It is a disgrace and embarrassment for our community to have a mayor who peddles this kind of scurrilous claptrap,” Colamarino wrote.

Others questioned the mayor’s perceived support of religious prejudice.

“Are you serious Tom O’Malley?” Michael Lanter wrote. “Anti-Muslim bigotry from our elected mayor? What do you hope to gain from this?”

O’Malley’s decision to share the controversial post has also raised concerns about the freedom of speech rights of elected officials. On one side, proponents contend O’Malley has the right to share posts and his opinions on social media without facing scrutiny.

Others, such as former Atascadero mayor Mike Brennler said the public has a right to discuss the views public officials promote on social media.


Karma has finally paid off for Tom. He makes promises,

tells whoppers to citizens and believes nobody minds when he lies. Years of bad practices have led him to think he can say anything without consequences. Old school bigot just got his comeuppance!


Feed your dog bacon on Friday. There is no greater heresy. I like the 4 wives deal though, at least in theory, not sure I could manage it.

Downtown Bob

None of you critical people would have cared if he made fun of a Christian President. Ted Slanders does all the time and he has free reign while other opinions are moderated.


O’Malley’s b*llsh*t detector isn’t really fully functional. An operational BS detector would probably be helpful in preventing the misguided stuff he does. The real issue is that so many of the A-town folks lack good BS detectors and support him with votes.


My wife, born and raised in Saudi Arabia, would agree with citizen Tom O’Malley…



what the 10/10/2015 at 4:06 pm



what the

Because I am not a Muslim, Rawhide. I am an American. Are we in the Dark Ages here? Let’s continue this conversation when your conscious elevates and you reach self actualization. In the meantime, may who ever your God is bless you.


To: what the…

Just for grins..

As an American, I’d dare you to spend a full day in Dearborn MUSLIM Michigan.

On the streets, in the park, etc…and see how you would be treated…


Hey, at least O’malley has the cajones to voice his opinion. For you Colamarino, you’re sound like a PC candy ass sheep along with the rest of you who cant comprehend freedom of speech. How do you make it through the day? . You dont like what O’malley, Tump, Sharpton or Nugent has to say, then turn the damn TV off for Chriminy sakes. Little Johnny called me a butthole mommy!!!! whaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaaa. Get over it and let others voice their opinions.


Hey, at least O’malley has the cajones to voice his opinion.


Don’t you have that backwards? The blog was dead wrong. A lie. A fabrication. Made up propaganda. He has now shown himself to be the fool.

Better to you keep your mouth shut and make people wonder than to open it and remove all doubt, no?

what the

Maybe Tom needs to head over to the Mosque Of Nasreen on Walnut St and hang out and pray and ask for forgiveness. He probably will when he realizes how many Muslims live in his district. Religious persecution Tom? Really? Thank the heavens for free speech!

what the

It is amazing how many people are still afraid of each other. Hate and war propaganda is still very effective.


Opinions are like Awholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.


I don’t often agree with A-town’s mayor but he has a right to free speech just like the rest of us. His Facebook screen name isn’t “Mayor Tom O’Malley” it’s just Tom O’Malley. He was posting as a regular citizen, not as an elected official.

Obama, Trump, and all politicians on the Left and Right publically share their views; why shouldn’t O’Malley be able to do so also?


Well said pasoparent. As for Obama, he is very dangerous and he is clearly a Muslim empathizer. . Does that mean all Muslims are dangerous, of course not but the ones who are a danger to all us American “infidels” are infiltrating our government and schools at an alarming pace. I’m all for The Donald” and to hell with all this PC crap.


Cindy says:

“As for Obama, he is very dangerous”

“are infiltrating our government and schools at an alarming pace.”

This is made up tea party crazy with no basis in reality. A shread of truth does not make a basket of nonsense true.


Sure, he has the right to post whatever he wants. And similarly, the voters have the right to know about it, discuss it, and judge him accordingly when it comes to election time.

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