Arroyo Grande plans to ban growing pot

November 27, 2015

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentThe Arroyo Grande City Council plans to ban cultivation of medical marijuana. [Tribune]

On Tuesday, the council ordered staff to draft an ordinance banning residents from growing marijuana within city limits. Enforcement of the ordinance is expected to be complaint-driven.

Recent complaints about marijuana grows in rural parts of the city prompted officials to plan the cultivation ban. City officials only have a few months to adopt the ordinance due to new medical marijuana regulations that California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law last month.

One of the regulations requires cities to adopt ordinances banning the cultivation of marijuana by next March or cede regulatory control of the issue to the state. The Arroyo Grande ordinance must go before the planning commission prior to coming to the city council for approval.

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The City Council of Arroyo Grande thinks they are more powerful than California State law? Shame on the AG City Council. This will create many law suits and waste so much tax payer money by doing this. Why don’t they focus on fixing the crumbling roads rather than bother people that want to grow natural herbs, legally? Fascists will always try to seize power if they are not put in check. Shame on the AG City Council.