Arroyo Grande plans to ban growing pot

November 27, 2015

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentThe Arroyo Grande City Council plans to ban cultivation of medical marijuana. [Tribune]

On Tuesday, the council ordered staff to draft an ordinance banning residents from growing marijuana within city limits. Enforcement of the ordinance is expected to be complaint-driven.

Recent complaints about marijuana grows in rural parts of the city prompted officials to plan the cultivation ban. City officials only have a few months to adopt the ordinance due to new medical marijuana regulations that California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law last month.

One of the regulations requires cities to adopt ordinances banning the cultivation of marijuana by next March or cede regulatory control of the issue to the state. The Arroyo Grande ordinance must go before the planning commission prior to coming to the city council for approval.


AG is going to far with this law. What I grow on my property is my business, it is just like Kristen Barniech trying to tell people they can’t have a lawn.

So how are the officers going to come onto someone’s property to see if it is a pot plant growing? I sure as hell am not going to open my door and let them in if I did not call them. And I dare them to come over my fence or break it down.

I agree with another writer who said limit it to 6 mature plants. Also there are medical reasons for pot, seizures, cancer, glaucoma and PTSD just to name a few. But then we still have those people who believed the gov’t when they stated years ago, pot is a gateway drug..

With all the vicodin and oxycodone addicts, drinkers, herion and meth addicts and all those who are dying from lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, and the city worried about those who might smoke a little weed? I spoke to a local oncologist who said he has never treated someone for lung cancer from smoking pot, but 2nd hand smoke from cig’s can affect my health and they are legal

I swear government local or federal just want to take, take, take. Two person complain and instead of limiting things the council just wants to say NO to any pot plants. But then with the new 3 story medical building Jim Guthrie says he has to think of all the residents in AG not just those in surrounding neighborhoods. Funny who and when the council decides to think of the majority of residents.


Once again stupid idiotic leaders think they know best. We voted for this (Prop 215) and passed the law 16 years ago and stubborn head in the sand city councils still keep trying to ban medical marijuana. Many people depend on growing it themselves because it is too damn expensive to go buy at a dispensary. For literally pennies you can grow your own that would cost thousands in a dispensary. Maybe these councilmen should pony up with their own money to cover the cost to these people that will be no longer able to grow. Being reasonable here is the answer. Limit growing to six mature plants per property so at least people can grow for personal use. Keep commercial growing limited to unincorporated areas if they want to limit the larger grows within the city. To deny the individual the right to grow his own medicine is just plain barbaric, short sighted, and completely careless as to the the individual patient. Agree with the 215 or not, this is a country by the people and for the people. The folks from AG need to attend their city council meeting and tell these sobs where to stick their ordinance. If that doesn’t work, get the signatures for a referendum and force the city to put it to the voters instead of to five losers to make the decision. Wait until cancer comes their way and see how they feel. Thank God I don’t live in that city.


Watched the decision on TV. Councilman Brown voted no, suggested 2 plants under 4 ft per individuals with permit to grow for medical reasons. One voice of sense. Not sure how you keep the plants from growing above 4 feet!


I wish I could threaten to stop shopping/dining in AG, but, I stopped having anything to do with AG when they banned mobile dispensaries. Great city; bad leaders.


State law > local law.

Local law says a card carrying 215 holder can cultivate 100 square feet, or have 6 mature plants OR 12 immature plants in their possession. As long as this is being followed, Arroyo Grande City Council can have all the meetings and tea parties they want, but ultimately the law is in place AND THEY AREN’T THE LAW. So sorry.

I am not a pot smoker or grower. Succulents and things I can “pretend” to grow are about all I can handle. But from what I have been told (and when you just listen, people will tell you a LOT), the mary jane needs a lot of love to grow I guess. My point is that it takes TIME to get 6 mature plants to grow, and a “medicinal” smoker will need that and more. They will probably be growing AND buying it.

Now, what I think is going to happen, because it already DOES, is those who want to grow it will find a way. They will grow it inside. Spare rooms, garages, backyard greenhouses, storage sheds. Lights can be placed whereever.

The City of AG just wants to put some stupid law on the books before the first of the year, or the City must follow the State’s default law, which is the aforementioned 6 plant law.

I have to tell you all, I was looking at ordinances passed by our local Cities. I LOL’d. SLO City has an “offensive smell” ordinance. Really?????? I am just gonna leave this one here; offensive smell is pretty open to interpretation I would say…..

Can our political figures just take a moment to REALLY think about what is important? I would like them to work on fixing potholes, making sure water/sewer/police etc budgets are transparent and honest.

Regardless of one’s personal philosophy, do we REALLY want AG City Council deciding what individuals can and cannot grown on their own property? Just a thought…..


State law gives patients with recommendations the specific right to grow a stated number of plants. It gives cities the right to ban dispensaries and delivery services. If I choose to grow my legal medicine within the legal limits they cannot stop me. The city is simply trying to over step their authority and open a can of worms that will cause lawsuits and waste more taxpayer money.


It would be easier to just put a camera in everybody’s house.


cant see how KFB will go along with banning a plant which is a close cousin to a tree…..


REEFER MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!! REEFER MADNESS!!!! The boogieman weed is gonna get you. Geez.


As bad as the Confederate Flag is racist, and the Washington Redskins are evil, and basically all guns are killers, and of course the government is here to help.

Ben Daho

Really? People growing a plant on their own property is important enough for the City council to meet, discuss and rule on it? I don’t like the stench of Animal waste we smother and grow vegetables in but would never ask the city to intervene. I think the city council should be drug tested before they ever rule on marijuana for others. As a medical marijuana patient, I can’t believe I would be forced to purchase medical marijuana from someone I don’t even know. It’s really shameful that I could serve my country in uniform willing to die in a bloody mess, in a land you can’t spell, in a freezing temperature or sweltering heat for people at home to brag about “Life, LIBERTY, and the persuit of happiness” only to have a group of elected officials arbitrarily determine at the lowest levels of personal freedom what is allowed on our own property. I could understand if I wasn’t allowed to grow on public land, in my neighbors garden or on school grounds but really? Are the drug dealers losing their income? Is someone’s nephew complaining they’ll have to get a real job if people stop ordering from the delivery vehicle? When city you live in can tell you what you may grow its no longer “home of the brave and the land of the free” (I’m kinda of glad because that “high C” at the end of the song is too shrill anyway) I suggest you clowns draft a resolution to change the last line of the pledge of aligience to “and liberty and justice for all” to “and be ruled by the whims of panty wadded ove-reaching self righteous idiots” and send the Statue of Liberty back to France. ENOUGH OF YOU POWER HUNGRY DICTATORS. Really? People can’t grow a plant in their yard? But across the street they can? When do the A.G. Approved uniforms arrive? We’ll all look good in brown shirts and school boy pants with Buster Brown shoes.


Night after night (after night) I see college students drinking to the point where it is alarming to just be an observer, here in SLO.

College girls wander down the middle of the street in their spandex mini dresses stumbling and carrying their shoes at 4am (easy access for some sick man—and this DOES NOT MEAN I am pointing at what she is wearing and her fault—it means she just is easy pickings). I once saw three very muscular college boys (at least I think they were–they looked older) as one of them in a parking lot picked up a very drunk, young female college student, and threw her over his shoulder as she slurred “Wait—I don’t know you guys—I don’t want to get into your car—wait–put me down—stop!” (Sure I got the license plate after they tossed her in the vehicle and took off….but it is likely the alcohol just crept up on her—she was so drunk she likely was unable to exercise sound judgment in the first place). I then called the police—and they didn’t even want the information!

Once, I found a young man passed out–and so sick from alcohol in my yard that he was nearly dead from alcohol poisoning and was bleeding from his nose and mouth. He simply did not “know” drinking alcohol—and the nightmare side effects that 3 drinks that contain 4 different liquors can induce. San Luis Obispo County, by the way, reigns supreme as the #1 county in the US for fetal alcohol syndrome.

Marijuana, in the meantime, is busy healing children from seizures, helping soldiers who come home with PTSD, and the sale of it (particularly in Colorado) has refurbished all the music, art and dance programs in elementary schools to where NO teachers are buying supplies for their classrooms anymore. There are so many positive aspects to this plant—that it seems INSANE to live in a society that glamorizes alcohol! And it is: it is horrible—and I do mean horrible—to see “rulers” that make decisions like this. Sure, we can spray pesticides—chem trail the sky–breathe disgusting manure all day—BUT to smell an herb that has healing properties? No! Never! Ban it immediately!!!

It is just sad to see what has become of our society—based on our outdated beliefs. Beliefs that we never examine–because most of the human populace is truly unable to engage in critical thinking and reasoning. Or—that we are not ALLOWED to examine–because we continue to believe we need “rulers” to think for us. As we see the world reach a pinnacle of overpopulation–to the point we need to realize we are bulging at the seams and do not have enough jobs or resources to carry on like this—-we at the same time have a major church encouraging reproduction! The powers that be in our world (government or church) seem so twisted and backwards—it is difficult to fathom.

We need to turn away from alcohol–it is a dangerous and teratogenic. We need to REALLY examine why we believe what we do–and we need to take away the power from people who do not recognize the new paradigm shift we need to make if we hope to survive as a human species. We need to stop doing things just because that is “always how they have been done”. The world has succumbed to a madness—a madness where they are unable to think for themselves–and have no real knowledge of what is truly harmful—and what is not. It is time for citizens to take the reigns—consider what we are doing to ourselves, our families—and our world. Make changes that ensure a safer planet–oust the “rulers” that continue to hold patterns that damage and corrupt. We need to realize plants are for our healing….and manufactured things: alcohol, junk food, pharmaceuticals, water with chlorine and fluoride; are NOT FOR HEALING BUT FOR PROFIT….and act accordingly.