Atascadero man seriously injured in crash near Santa Margarita

November 25, 2015

CHP@An Atascadero motorcyclist was seriously injured Monday afternoon in a crash with a Pontiac Grand Prix on Highway 58 near the Santa Margarita Cemetery, according to a California Highway Patrol collision report.

Alan Dunivan, 55, was passing cars at a high rate of speed as he headed eastbound on Highway 58 on a Kawasaki motorcycle, witnesses told officers. As he went over the top of a small incline, he popped a wheelie and drifted into the westbound lane into the path of a Pontiac driven by Matthew Collar of Creston.

Collar, 52, applied his brakes and drove towards the shoulder of the road in an attempt to avoid a collision. However, Dunivan’s front wheel landed back on the highway as he collided into the driver’s side of the Pontiac.

Dunivan, who was not wearing a helmet, was ejected from his bike. He suffered major head trauma and road burns over his entire body, the report said.

The Pontiac spun out, went off the highway and through a barbed wire fence at the Santa Margarita Ranch. Collar suffered minor injuries in the collision.


55 yrs. old, no helmet, popping wheelie going over incline into oncoming traffic…..idiot


Yep automatic Darwin Award Winner!