E. coli found in Costco chicken salad

November 25, 2015

ecoliNineteen people in seven states including California contracted E. coli from chicken salad from Costco, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report.

Of those who tested positive for E. coli, five have been hospitalized and two developed a type of kidney failure. People in California, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Utah, Virginia and Washington have become ill after eating Costco’s chicken salad.

“The epidemiologic evidence available at this time suggests that rotisserie chicken salad made and sold in Costco Wholesale stores in several states is a likely source of this outbreak,” the CDC report said. “The ongoing investigation has not identified what specific ingredient in the chicken salad is linked to illness.”

Costco has stopped making its rotisserie chicken salad.

“Consumers who purchased rotisserie chicken salad from any Costco store in the United States on or before November 20, 2015, should not eat it and should throw it away,” according to the CDC report. “Even if some of the rotisserie chicken salad has been eaten and no one has gotten sick, throw the rest of the product away.”



  1. Paso_Guy says:

    Probably got it from one of those fake service dogs they let in

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  2. hijinks says:

    Why does anybody bother to shop at Costco? Overpriced poisoned food sold in a warehouse where you have to pay dues to enter and drive miles out of the way through LA-style traffic to get there. Geez, we are a really deluded people. Oh, and it’s a Chinese company.

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    • kayaknut says:

      updated From the archive

      Claim: Costco warehouse club stores are owned by China.

      Status: False.

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      • hijinks says:

        China Over Seas Trading Co = acronym COSTCO

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    • Vagabond says:

      1 Costco is not a Chinese owned company. It’s often confused with Cosco a Chinese Shipping company. Costco is a publicly traded company based in Washington.
      2 If you live near one, the membership fees might very well be covered by savings
      3 Costco is well known for paying it’s employees higher wages than other big box stores.
      Those savings come from foods that are sourced at whatever producer has the best price.
      If you are worried about contaminated food, buy from local providers and COOK IT YOURSELF and use good kitchen practices, don’t cross contaminate, wash veggies and completely cook poultry to 165F. Avoid all pre-processed food.

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    • Russ J says:

      Because you can eat enough free samples to fill your gut, walk out with a food coma and then nap at Mitchell park. After doing that 50 times, memberships paid for!

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  3. Vagabond says:

    Factory food strikes again!

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