Carpenter asks supervisors to publicly condemn Hill

November 25, 2015
SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter


Open communication from San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Good morning madam Chair and supervisors. My name is Dan Carpenter, I’m a resident of District 3…and I speak today as a councilman from the city of San Luis Obispo.

I’m here to inform you of an unfortunate and disturbing incident involving your colleague Adam Hill while acting in his capacity as a representative of this board.  Last Tuesday at a public ribbon cutting ceremony in Pismo Beach, he digressed to his bullying and intimidating ways by threatening me with bodily harm in front of numerous attendees.

This unprovoked, despicable behavior took place while I was attending the event at the invitation of the host, and in my official capacity as a representative of the city. This threat of violence was nothing less than thuggery…embarrassing the host and ultimately your board and the entire county.

When will this erratic and destructive behavior cease? Possibly when the citizens of District 3 realize that a public servant’s character actually matters…..and have the courage to stop electing people like Mr. Hill who use their position as a license to abuse others.

Our county prides itself on quality leaders where  integrity is derived from conduct…..and not voting records.

Ironically, this summer each of you signed on to a resolution adopting a Civility and Civil Discourse Accord presented by the League of Women Voters. It’s obvious, Mr. Hill’s support was disingenuous at best.

Shame on all of us if we allow this unstable temperament to continue untethered. As a reflection on your board, I would hope each of you would publicly condemn this reprehensible behavior as part of your commitment to the civility resolution you signed.

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“Our county prides itself on quality leaders where integrity is derived from conduct…..and not voting records.”

He had me right up to there.


That’s what I was going to say.

what the

Wait until Adam Hill’s involvement in the Tenborg vs Cal Coast News lawsuit get’s out. A public official trying to silence the news. These guys are clowns. What happens in SLO stays in SLO. Funny thing is Super Lawyer Jimmy Wagstaffe, of Kerr Wagstaffe of San Francisco, jumped in to save “Team Adam Hill” not knowing that it is a well known fact that Charles Tenborg of ECO Solutions got caught several times dumping PG&E’s hazardous waste at Cold Canyon Landfill. Time to take the walk of shame with Adam, Jimmy.


And ALL of the citizens of the county should publicly express their condemnation of Hill’s behavior. As far as the Board of Supervisors goes, they should formally censure Hill and file a motion of NO confidence.

The guy is an insult to the integrity of the good citizens of SLO county.


I wish somebody had gotten that petulant, perspiring piglet on video while he was making his squeaky little threats. Is he one of these “fat” guys who thinks that means hes a “big” guy? These guys are great to watch in dust up because they forget to breathe and get gassed in 5 seconds. … Anyway, it would’ve been fun to watch.

Gibson won’t do anything. He has such disdain for proletariat. Everything is such an eye-roller when you’re above it all. The mind drifts while listening to the public call for condemnation of his colleague. But think of what would happen if Gibson didn’t have Hill… The sleaze-shaming would all be directed towards him and how he’s run his professional/personal life. I don’t know why I separated the two words… Gibson doesn’t bother to separate them.

I’m ashamed of our BOS.


No doubt Hill thinks this is a First amendment right.


The thumbs down votes must be, let me guess…Hill,Gibson, and Torres.

Mr. Holly

Don’t forget Marx.


A reasonable request by Mr. Carpenter. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Mr. Holly

Good! I posted this recommendation on the initial posting of the incident. I’m glad that Dan has made this move. And as I stated before, if the BOS respect themselves they will censure this fruitcake and relieve him of any positions that he may have.


Good job Dan…..but I’ll bet nothing will be done about it.

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