More details emerge in developer assault case

November 30, 2015
Ryan Petetit

Ryan Petetit


An alleged violent assault on the girlfriend of a prominent San Luis Obispo County developer included smashing the victim’s head through a window and holding her in a closet against her will, sources said. More details emerged Monday as to what occurred during the Nov. 22 domestic violence incident that sent a 23-year-old woman to the hospital and 28-year-old Ryan Petetit to jail.

Petetit is a principal in PB Companies, a real estate investment and development firm currently embroiled in multiple legal actions for allegedly not paying contractors or following building laws. In the past four years, since Petetit co-founded PB Companies with John Belsher, Petetit has been charged with three felonies and six misdemeanors including multiple charges related to domestic violence, several for writing bad checks and one for drunk in public.

On the evening of Nov. 22, a verbal argument ensued between Petetit and his girlfriend at a home they shared in Arroyo Grande.

The argument turned physical with Petetit allegedly pushing the victim and yelling, sources said. Petetit then allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat and began choking her. He then dragged her to her feet and shoved her head through a bathroom window, shattering the glass.

The victim attempted to escape, but Petetit allegedly took her phone and pushed her into a closet, refusing to release her, sources said.

While the victim fought to free herself, Petetit allegedly slammed her head into the tile floor, knocking the victim unconscious, sources said.

When she awoke, the victim fled to a family member’s home, who took her to a hospital. As required by law, the attending physician called police to report a patient with injuries consistent with domestic violence. The victim identified Petetit as her assailant.

On Thanksgiving, officers arrested Petetit at a family member’s home in Pismo Beach on charges of felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury, felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device.

Petetit quickly posted $50,000 bail and was released from custody. Officers then contacted a judge who signed an emergency protective order to help safeguard the woman from further abuse.

PB Companies is currently moving forward on several large commercial, mixed-use and residential projects including two subdivisions in Templeton, a mixed-use project at the corner of Marsh and Nipomo streets in San Luis Obispo and an assisted-living facility in Arroyo Grande.

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To the young woman who suffered at the hands of Mr. Petetit’s beating I wish you a speedy recovery.

As you hopefully enter a new chapter in your life WITHOUT this creep, remain vigilant as you meet new men and look for the telltale signs of an abuser.

He will appear charming (at times), jealous, manipulating, controlling and often claim to be the “victim.” He’ll be narcissistic, inconsistent, critical, disconnected, hypersensitive, vicious and cruel and i insincerely repentant.

You have your whole life ahead of you…don’t let this guy ruin it for you.


Mr. Petetit had a fat wallet she thought.

He has no education, no integrity and no altruistic good other than…

“How much can I make and who ever I run over or screw in the process, Oh well.”

Run Fast and don’t look back!

This is a criminal.


Why is this scuzbucket running loose in our county? Can we send him to Afghanistan or some place like that?


Not only has he been running loose- – – look who he associates with!

Are you listening District 3 voters???


Hello justbeware.

The people in District 3 don’t even know what a district is.

Are you kidding?

Lots of mud to sling next year toward Adam Hill’s pile.

Kaiser Bill

His eye is messed up. Looks like the lady did some damage on the scumbag.


Or, our heroes in blue.

Mr. Holly

Birds of a feather flock together.

Looks like maybe both this punk and his buddy Adam Hill need to sign up for some anger management sessions, preferably at the County Jail.


An entitled millennial, wants what he wants NOW, and better get out of his way, sucker!

Thomas A

Adam Hill illegally co-owns a business with this guy? That just blows me away. Talk about trying to keep things under wraps!


If that was my daughter, I’d be in jail with no possibility of bail looking at a long prison term.

Francesca Bolognini

When a developer shows this level of personal responsibility and consideration for the welfare of others, you can take it as a direct reflection on the type of project they are attempting to deliver. Not likely to take much more into consideration than what they might be able to get away with and how much they can pocket, with no concern for what they leave behind. Be forewarned.


Francesca – How ’bout “personal irresponsibility” and “inconsideration.”


Another example of why integrity matters, with both developers and elected officials!


What do developers care about?

M O N E Y!

Mr. Petetit does not care about anything else!


I’ll bet he’s s parents aren’t proud, this guy needs serious jail time.


Dad is a former cop!


that explains it….police are 4x more likely to batter their spouses than the regular populace…

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