One person killed in Paso Robles standoff

November 14, 2015

tape 1UPDATE: 8 p.m., San Luis Opispo County Sheriff deputies entered the rural Paso Robles home and discovered the male victim had died. His name is not being released at this time and his body remains in the home.

Deputies continue attempts to communicate with the female suspect who has moved to the upstairs portion of the home and fired shots at deputies

ORIGINAL STORY: One person died Saturday in a standoff with a woman in a house on the 4200 block of Old Nacimiento Drive in rural Paso Robles. [KSBY]

Shortly after 3 p.m., San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon against a male victim at the home off Godfrey Road. However, deputies were at first unable to gain access to evaluate the man’s injuries.

SWAT team members then began negotiating with a female inside the home.

Following a standoff that lasted several hours, the sheriff’s department entered the home and confirmed one person was killed, but would not confirm if the deceased was a woman or a man.

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Sheriffs showed great restraints in this stand off situation, un like in days passed.

Back in the early seventies there was a man held up in his bungalow at Monfort Courts in San Miguel after wounding a person walking by in the early morning hours.

Sheriff detective repeatedly made attempts to get the man to come out.

During this time there was no negotiating, more demanding, and while this was occurring deputies positioned themselves on roof tops across the cottage.

The detective shot tear gas into the bungalow, setting the cottage on fire, when the suspect was exiting the unit he had both hands raised above his head when gunshots were heard,the suspect fell dead on the porch when a friend of his came running up shouting,”you killed my friend, you killed my friend.”

With that a deputy placed the man under arrest for interfering.

It was learned a year later when talking with the pathologist that the suspect had suffered a severe brain injury from an automobile accident which affected his judgement.

There wasn no further action taken.

The sheriffs department has come a long ways in how they handle things from those days long gone by.

I once had a former Sheriff, John Pierce of the department tell me that the men are only as good as their training and how their leader leads.

With so much negative publicity about police misconduct and how officers deal with suspects, it’s good to flip and take a closer look at that coin, for I am confident that there are more stories such as this one where officers displayed great restraints, ending a possible situation that could had easily turned out with deadly results.

This is not to say there are no bad officers, for just as there are also bad cooks, painters and in all other aspects of the work force were going to come across them, does this mean to say we paint all with a broad brush, putting them in a bad light! Of course not, and it’s good to see that progress has and is being made. I like to use use an analogy, saying that we are all babes in this life, ever learning as we go and grow, with that it’s a constant that mistakes are going to be made. The thing is, we learn from them and try not to make the same ones over again.