11 homicides in Santa Maria this year

December 5, 2015

crime tapeA Friday night deadly shooting marks the 11th homicide in this year in Santa Maria.

Shortly after 9:30 p.m., a man was shot and killed in his car near the corner of Sonya Lane and Depot Street. As police processed the scene, a car remained on the street with its front tires against a curb, the lights on and the victim’s body in the driver’s seat.

Investigators said it was to early to determine if the murder is related to a recent string of gang related shootings.

During the past year, there have been 11 murders in Santa Maria, six of which have gang connections, police said. There were three homicides in Santa Maria in 2014 and two in 2013.

Police Chief Ralph Martin blames the city’s spike in homicides on warring criminal street gangs.

In late November, officers arrested 12 people in an operation targeting gang members and associates in the Santa Maria area.

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You’re all going to feel pretty dumb about your antiimmigrant sentiments when you find out it’s probably the police executing people. Follow the factual history down there and you will find an extremely corrupt department.

So, you think the police are executing the folks in Santa Maria? That is one hell of a bold statement to make without a smidgen (not my word) of proof to back it up.

It sure is. But I notice you never demand the same standard of all the people that are constantly insinuating it was gangs or illegal immigrants, without a smidgen of proof to back it up.

There is, btw, a ton of evidence that suggests massive corruption within the department.



“We will not back down. Let me tell you, we will not,” said Santa Maria Police Chief Danny Macagni. “It’s not a good thing to threaten police, especially from a criminal street gang. We don’t negotiate with those people, and we’ll handle those threats accordingly.”

The above was said in response to a shootout where the suspect never fired his gun, and two police officers shot each other, in addition to killing the suspect.


Former SM police officer describes culture of corruption:

“Ast challenged his termination, and during an emotionally charged weeklong hearing this summer — which Ast and his attorneys chose to hold publicly — he countered that his firing was retaliation for a whistle-blower complaint he and two other veteran lieutenants filed against the department. The complaint was submitted to city officials 12 days before the Covarrubias incident and claimed, among other things, that one officer emailed pictures of his penis to a civilian, another received oral sex in public, weapon permits were issued to unqualified individuals, documents were falsified, personnel used the shooting range while drunk, and officers were often forced to work excessive overtime. Before he was fired, Ast, a 17-year veteran of the department, had a clean disciplinary record.”


As long as it is gang members, I’m Ok with it.

Welcome to SanctuarMaria… You wanted them, just keep them on your side of the bridge! This Country is out of control with crime as thousands of foreigners, legal and illegal enter and do not assimiliate to the American life. This has become the armpit of civilized countries until the recent influx of all these mid easterners into all the countries, The crime is so high we no longer can house them all so now they are being released onto the streets to commit more dangerous deadly crimes. I just watched on TY that a felony robber was released on “probation” for a felony crime and turned around and robbed again and killed the victim. We have not seen the end of our troubles for sure as the government, liberal progressive democrats continue to want to disarm its legal ciitizens.

From this report, it would appear that Donald Trump was right.

Time to build a wall around the horrible place.