85,000 gallon raw sewage spill at Camp San Luis

December 19, 2015

CMCshadowAn approximately 85,000 gallon raw sewage spill at the California Men’s Colony on Dec. 18 was the result of a blocked sewer line.

Shortly before 7 a.m., a clog of plastic and grit blocked the sewer line. Sewage then spilled from two man holes near the blockage.

An undetermined amount of sewage spilled into Chorro Creek which flows to the Morro Bay Estuary.

CMC staff cleared the blockage by 4:30 p.m. Workers then removed remaining sewage with a vacuum truck.

County Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein said the spill was unlikely to cause a risk to public health because of it’s remote location.

mb business owner

mb has an aging plant that had the current city council of irons, Christine Johnson and smuckler, allowed to move through the process, it would have been completed in late 2016 – yes 2016 at a cost of 30 million and treating water at a tertiary level. now, we in mb have a 120 million pipe dream that has yet to be started, in fact not even the clock that promised building in 5 years has been started, no permits, no location and we continue to dump $$$,$$$,$$$ in our aging plant. in addition irons campaigned and won on the statement/promise that his new sewer plant would only be 10-20 million more – funny math 30 million + 10/20 million = 120 million? educate your self before you vote next time.

oh and the connection to this story, well with the “new” plant, the city will be pumping s__t uphill, vs. a gravity flow system (which is the standard in sewer plants) so you tell me we won’t be following suit with spills.

Russ J

Same old story – over and over again. You keep fowling the f’ing creek. You’ve done this at least four time in my life time. I surf in that s… that runs down into the ocean! Everyone is so freaked our about fracking and global warming. Come Jerry Brown, Kevin De Leon, why don’t you clean up your own back yard. You want to assess your own land for potential drilling and you run your SUV’s to keep cool on a hot day. F.U. California politicians.


As long as John Wallace, Mike Seitz, Tony Ferrara, John Shoals, Matthew Guerrero, Mary Lucey, or Tim Carmel are not involved at the least the chances for a tremendous waste of taxpayer money is reduced.


Most likely what happened,and is what has happened many times before is the convicts at CMC have sent bedding,blankets and what ever into the system to create a clog,then it is an overflow,sometimes at the sewer plant or at times like this out of a man hole,this generally doesn’t happen in city sewer plants.


A cursory search on The Trib’s website yielded these articles:






When GOVERNMENT is “responsible” for the oversight and maintenance of sewer treatment facilities, catastrophes have happened and will continue to happen. Whether it’s a result of employees texting, posting to social media accounts, sleeping on the job — this is what you can expect. It’s not their personal 85K gallons of RAW SEWAGE, so no big deal. Just a “little” spill. Ooops.


Which parties then are responsible in terms of oversight of sewage facilities if not government?


For this very reason, we were and remain opposed to the Los Osos sewer project. If one or two septics overflow, that’s not good. If an ENTIRE SEWER SYSTEM spills the worst imaginable crud into first the creek and then into the estuary, that is utterly detestable! How can it NOT be a risk, even more so when it is followed by rainfall?! So much animal and plant life at risk all along the creek as it flows into the estuary. Do our government agencies really expect us to swallow this baloney?


Now one State agency will fine the other and use our tax dollars to pay for it.


That is correct.


to pay themselves for “our safety”


This particular sewer system, despite it’s recent upgrade has been problematic for decades.

Because of it’s shared use, it’s a complex system to closely monitor.

My guess is, the actual spill whether or not it has any environmental or health risks, will actually be much larger than publicly reported.


that must have been a big dump…….it sounds like it landed between the officials ears.


The usual double talk from officials. States Aproximately 85,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled, then calls it undertimined amount = We don’t know how much human feces will be seeping into your ground water (again). County Public Health Officer said the spill was unlikely to cause a risk to public health because of it’s remote location. Right. It’s raining now. Unlikely? Between Morro Bay city officials turning a blind eye to the homeless generated meth / heroin needle gardens in our creeks, and now thousands of gallons of human waste on the loose, Santa isn’t the only thing headed to town for Christmas.