Central Coast, cheapest homeowners insurance in California

December 15, 2015

San Luis Obispo 5

The Central Coast has the cheapest homeowner insurance rates in California, according to a survey by a New York based consumer group.

All five of the cities in California with the lowest insurance rates are in San luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, according to a ValuePenguin’s report. The average yearly cost of insuring a single family residence in California is $773.

Santa Maria has the lowest rate in the state at $573 a year followed by San Luis Obispo at $580 a year. Lompoc has the third lowest rate at $585 a year, fourth is Santa Barbara at $598 a year and fifth is Paso Robles at $605 a year.

Value Penguin ranked 222 cities and towns in the Golden State. Researchers then analyzed quotes quotes from 54 different insurance providers and gathered data from the California Department of Insurance.

The cities with the most expensive homeowners insurance rates in California are all located in or around Los Angeles. Compton and Los Angeles tied for the most expensive insurance in the state at $958 a year. Palmdale was the third most expensive at $950 a year, followed by Lancaster at $945 a year and Porter Ranch at $932 a year.

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Ha ha ha Welcome to the bullseye in insurance adjustments.

Makes up for the highest gas prices in California (or some of them).

Why is that? Low crime rate? Low flood risk? Low fire risk? Or all the all the alarm systems?

It appears property crime or lack there of, is the reason…but everything else remains too expensive.

Rates are a function of overhead plus claims. Claims are lowest in the state I would assume

Just wait until you get your home insurance bill for next year!!

The insurance companies will not let this continue. As with almost everything else

being more expensive on the central coast – home owners insurance will soon be included.

I was just quoted $1345 to renew my insurance. Fairly average house, 15 years old,

about 2300 sq. ft

It may be of interest to know what kind of house gets insurance for less than $800 per year.

Average at 2,300 sq ft???? guess it depends on the world you are in, that’s not my average world…

This is great information, thanks!