Is Adam Hill crying wolf?

December 24, 2015

One of the photos Adam Hill included in his emails as evidence he is under a protection order.


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill says he’s getting death threats and as a result is being protected by the sheriff’s department. Hill has sent multiple emails describing the threats and posting photos of sheriff’s department vehicles parked on a street.

But, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Commander Stuart MacDonald said that the department does not have a protective order for Hill. Persons who live in the neighborhood say they have not seen any sheriff’s department vehicles in the area. And, the department is not conducting any investigation into Hill’s claims that his life and family are being threatened, MacDonald said.

Hill did not respond to multiple emails asking him to substantiate his claims about death threats or of sheriff’s department protection.

Hill sent the emails following critical media coverage and commentary about his conduct on the board of supervisors. K-Jewel (KKJL) News Director Dick Mason reported on Hill walking out on a board of supervisors 50th anniversary presentation for CAPSLO, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo.

Dee Torres-Hill

Dee Torres-Hill

Hill’s wife Dee Torres was the director of CAPSLO’s homeless services. In 2013, CalCoastNews published a series of stories in which current and former CAPSLO employees said she routinely took gift cards intended for the needy and homeless and made personal use of them. CAPSLO administrators denied most of the allegations, but they admitted to questioning Torres-Hill about selling items donated to the homeless and not accounting for them.

In March 2014, CAPSLO demoted Torres-Hill and cut her pay. CAPSLO announced the move as a “restructuring” because of financial concerns. Torres sued CAPSLO alleging wrongful termination, retaliatory firing for being a whistleblower and workplace disability discrimination. That lawsuit was settled on undisclosed terms in October 2015.

Mason also questioned money that developer Gary Grossman gave to a nonprofit that Dee Torres-Hill started.

Before she left CAPSLO, Torres-Hill started the SLO Housing Connection, a nonprofit that provides homeless services that appear to duplicate many CAPSLO services, including case management, shelter and employment services. In fall 2014, Grossman made a $50,000 donation to the SLO Housing Connection as Hill aggressively attempted to persuade members of the San Luis Obispo City Council to vote in favor of a land use change that Grossman needed to develop large parcels near the airport,

Hill responded by contacting KKJL’s station manager with threats of a possible lawsuit, Mason said.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

“Adam Hill contacting our station management to complain about my reporting is his prerogative, however, he’s attacking the messenger,” Mason said. “I’m only reporting the facts. His absence during CAPSLO’s 50th anniversary presentation, his threats against San Luis City Councilman Dan Carpenter, his involvement with PB Properties and his relationship with developer Gary Grossman are all newsworthy.”

Hill also sent emails to Mason directly accusing him of lying and being responsible for threats to himself and his family.

“ ‘Oh, and Dick, if you were thinking your spreading of hateful lies has no effect?’ Hill wrote. ‘Here’s the current protection outside my house, where I live with my wife and three girls.’ ”

Hills emails also blamed CalCoastNews, Dave Congalton, host of a talk show on KVEC and comments broadcast by radio station KRPL.

“You see I got another death threat stemming from lies told by the good folks at CalCoast, Congalton, and KPRL,” Hill wrote. “There are consequences to your lies. There are people out there who are stirred up and want to hurt me and my family because of the toxic garbage you all put out there. May you and your family never experience this. Shame on you.”

Mason was not present during the call that Hill made to KKJL, he said.

“For his sake, I hope his tone with my supervisor is more diplomatic and professional than the profane diatribes he emails me.”

Dick Mason

Dick Mason

Shortly after Hill called the station’s manager, a second call came in, Mason said. A person claiming to be Maggie Cox, president and CEO of the Barnett and Cox & Associates marketing and PR firm, called. The caller said she was calling on behalf of Grossman and then repeated many of Hill’s complaints, Mason said.

Cox has since said that the call did not come from her or the firm.

“No one from Barnett and Cox contacted the station,” Cox said. “It is a lie.”

Hill also accused Mason of being the voice over on a “Fire Adam Hill” video that says Hill belittles people who cross him. Mason, who said he was unaware of the video before Hill pointed it out, said the voice is not his. A search of turned up four “Fire Adam Hill” videos. Two of the videos appear to be criticisms of other “Fire Adam Hill” videos.

At the same time, others, including public officials, have also received calls and emails from Hill and several of his supporters claiming that the media is endangering Hill’s life and should limit its reporting to softer topics.

San Luis Obispo City Mayor Jan Marx spoke with a manager at KVEC asking that the station direct Congalton to stick with non controversial topics, Congalton said.

Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton

In another email to a local resident who does not support Hill’s reelection, Hill claims Congalton has given his address out on the air and again includes photos of sheriff vehicles he claims are there as part of a protection detail.

“This is current protection needed because of another threat against me, based on lies from CalCoast and Congalton and their accomplices,” Hill wrote. “Come by and tell them about why you spread these lies … your pal  the radio host knows the address as he broadcasts it all the time.”

Congalton has regularly questioned how Hill, on a supervisor’s salary, affords a home at the country club. However, Congalton said he has never mentioned Hill’s address on the air.

“I don’t know his address,” Congalton said.

Earlier this year, a  self-described volunteer for Hill’s reelection campaign warned KVEC management that Hill’s campaign would file a complaint with the FCC and turn advertisers away from KVEC and Dave Congalton’s talk show. The “volunteer” claimed that Congalton had made personal attacks against Hill.

In November, CalCoastNews wrote a series of stories about Hill’s moonlighting for a prominent developer. Hill refused to answer questions regarding his consulting business, his ties to developers or inconsistencies in his government filings.

Instead of answering the questions, Hill posted a statement on Facebook claiming he is being targeted by CalCoastNews on behalf of his political opponents. Hill is currently running for reelection for the District 3 seat.

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Thomas A

Adam Hill and his goons are wrongly accusing Dick Mason for being the voice in our Fire Adam Hill commercial. Mr. Mason, I suggest that you pay for a voice analysis and sue Adam Hill.


it is actually aaron ochs voice as he strums adam hills schlong.


Hardly the first time, August 5, 2013:

“In a recent email to members of the Grover Beach City Council, County Supervisor Adam Hill called Mayor Debbie Peterson “a disgrace to our community” and says he now has police protection because of death threats.

“It should appall you that I have to live with death threats and stalking as it appalls me, and frightens my family,” Hill wrote in his email. He did not elaborate on the threats he has been receiving.”


Ooooo, great pull!


id trust michael jackson with my kid before i would trust adam hill with anything…..


If Hill is wiling to lie about something such as this, it sure makes you wonder what else he lies about.

At this point, can we trust anything he says?


Easy answers, no it does not make us wonder many already know his lying has no limit, and No he can not be trusted. Lets just hope enough voters in District 3 also know Mr. Hill can not be trusted.


Please, I’d like more stories about Spreckles the Bear. Or anything regarding the rising price of kale at Whole Foods.

–Janny the Nanny


lol. spot on.


WHOAH!! The mayor of the happiest place on earth asks KVEC to direct Congalton to stick with non controversial topics. I wonder if she has ever read the Constitution?


Uh…no. but she is intimately familiar with the communist manifesto.


I am a old new left liberal….I know left wing liberals and i can tell you Jan Marx is no liberal. She takes money from contractors, lies about development, sends goon cops to take down the homeless (unless they join capslo so she and assbaugh can steal money from them. She is no liberal. She probably supports Trump

Kaiser Bill

I don’t know about Marx, she doesn’t seem like a Trump supporter if she is a Republican. More like some milquetoast losers like Rubio or Jeb Bush who line the pockets of her donors. Plus, she doesn’t like to upset the apple cart at all and Trump is doing that in a huge way, whether you agree with him or not.

Ashbaugh is a left wing idiot. I remember Ashbaugh talking about Bernie Sanders and how America can be like Denmark one time. But its all for show, he’s in the pocket of developers like Grossman. Ashbaugh doesn’t care about the poor or affordable housing. And more poor people arrested by SLO cops is more business for his public defender wife.


Sort of, but it’s called the “Constitution according to Marx”.


She is a bonafide idiot!

JB Bronson

Narcisstic Personality Disorder is a serious illness. Do some research on it and understand the likes of people like Adam Hill, Bruce Gibson et al.

Too many think this disorder has to do with a boy falling in love with his reflection in a pool of water.

Study this disorder. It is frightening but you will understand the dysfunctional culture of local elected officials and civil servants.


Why is this person still in office? Are there no standing code of ethics or something?

I know there are no ethics codes in the San Luis Police Department (as evidenced by the disgraced Cory Pierce and Chief Steve Gesell), does the entire City have no ethics code to abide by?

I mean, I can see how Dee Torres didn’t get completely thrown under the bus in a tax-payer-sucking quasi-non-profit, as they “technically” are not government, but this loser (Hill) is government. Hell, I’m seriously doubting he could be anything else at this point (though I bet college professor would be easy for him to become, that’s where all these little people usually hide out).


City OR county. Sorry, I do understand the BoS is county-level… The county also seems to have no code of ethics… (I’d add something about the ineptly-managed sheriff’s dept., but the horse is dead, I’ll stop beating it).


First time I took note of Adam’s behavior,

Maybe he is “just joking” this time as well.


Hill has made little to no real effort to hide who he really is.

The question is, do the voters see, or want to see?