Ryan Petetit denies domestic violence allegations

December 2, 2015
Ryan Petetit

Ryan Petetit

A prominent San Luis Obispo County developer who was arrested on Thanksgiving day in connection with an alleged assault that caused serious bodily injury to a girlfriend, claims the allegations against him are false.

On Nov. 26, Arroyo Grande Police officers arrested Ryan Petetit on charges of felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury, felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device. Petetit posted $50,000 bail and was released from jail.

On Monday, John Belsher, Petetit’s business partner, announced Petetit would be “stepping down” from his position as PB Companies chief executive officer “to concentrate on resolving the accusations.”

Patrick Fisher, a San Luis Obispo based attorney retained by Petetit, released the following statement Tuesday evening:

“In response to the public attention/opinion regarding his arrest on November 26th, 2015, Ryan Petetit is adamant that the accusations against him are completely false,” the statement says. “Mr. Petetit is hopeful that the Arroyo Grande Police Department will conduct a complete investigation before deciding whether to forward this matter to the District Attorney’s Office.

“Mr. Petetit is confident that full consideration of all of the facts surrounding the accusations will lead to a rejection of the claims made against him. Mr. Petetit is eager for investigators to know all facts so that he may be vindicated.”

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I’m not condoning domestic violence of anyone ever. However, I thought in this country that the law state’s very clearly. That we are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law! Just saying that if I or anyone for that matter were ever to be arrested, I’m sure you would expect as much!

To quote:



Im not that guy AO….. heck no!!


No, you appear that guy JO though.

Go JO somewhere else and let your keyboard dry off.

to the a-hole that promotes that women start the violence. Be a man and walk away from an abusive woman.

The news story implies that the attending physician at the hospital notified law enforcement of the incident, not the female Victim. As soon as the doctor realized her injuries were due to domestic violence he was mandated to report it to law enforcement. It is possible that the Victim will not even cooperate with law enforcement (which is common with victims of domestic violence.) Then the prosecutor will have to make a decision to proceed based on the Victim’s injuries and testimony of the ER staff.

Ryan Petetit has a separate domestic violence case pending in SLO Superior Court which is headed for trial. Different Victim. Different witnesses. The guy clearly has a problem.

Petetit should have just left.Disabling a phone is not okay at all. D/V happens because someone, either party can not just walk away. I don’t care if it is female against male or vice versa, IT IS WRONG!

I don’t know Ryan, yet it seems he is up on charges for two different d/v charges, not good. I guess she just decided to put her head through a bathroom window to make him look bad?

Without judgement on Ryan, it sounds like at the least he needs anger management. Just be happy no one was killed, and IF he did this, get help before it gets to that level. I believe the ER docs knew what they were looking at when they contacted the police, so it does sound like the victim went to the hospital. IF Ryan was the victim what are his injuries? That is not to say he did not have any, but why did he not seek medical aid?

I would be interested to know if any other local news media has asked Adam Hill for a statement regarding his partnership with Petetit?

Interesting…the court calendar listed James Murphy as attorney yesterday.

That speaks volumes.

This guy has some issues. Women take note.

This is not someone to get involved with, his kind are dangerous.

Do Atascadero State Hospital wards run SLO? They often seem senile to me, but maybe it’s pathological illness.

The city/county of SLO is clearly deranged if it’s still doing business with these guys.