San Bernardino massacre was an act of terrorism

December 4, 2015
Tashfeen Malik

Tashfeen Malik

The FBI announced Friday evening that it has determined the shooting in San Bernardino that killed 14 people and wounded 21 others on Wednesday was an act of terrorism.

Shortly after Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Farook opened fire on a holiday party, Malik posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook. Malik was born in Pakistan and then moved to Saudi Arabia when she was about four years old.

Farook was born in the United States. He met Malik during a trip to Saudi Arabia in 2013. It is currently unknown how the couple became radicalized.

Following are comments by David Bowdich”

“My name is David Bowdich with the FBI.

“I’d like for all of us to remember that the families and loved ones of the victims, as well as the community of San Bernardino, will be dealing with the aftermath of this long after our investigation is over.

“ ‘Heroism’ — First responders.

“Given the facts as we know them today, the Joint Terrorism Task Force is now investigating the December 2 shooting in San Bernardino as an act of terrorism.  We have taken a leadership role at the federal level with the resources of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“The FBI; the San Bernardino Police Department; the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department; the ATF, and many other partners, will continue to work collaboratively as we gather facts.”

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Glad this PBFH is dead.

Actually, this was an act of hybrid terrorism. A combination of workplace violence and ‘lonewolf’ extremism …though done by a couple and not just one psycho.

Also, probably provoked by the messianic Zionist co-worker that was killed. He was known for his virulent extremist Israeli ‘opinions’, and openly argued with many around him. A devotee of Rush Limbaugh that proudly displayed having attended a Limbaugh sponsored ‘seminar’. A nutcake that liked to push the envelope.

But yes …this was terrorism . Just as Dylan Roof committed racist terrorism in Charleston.

Just as cops killing unarmed citizens having darker skin is terrorism.

Just as KKK / white supremacist lynchings are terrorist.

Just as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were anti-government terrorists in the Oklahoma City bombing. The right-wingers tried to blame that on moslems in the beginning.

Ahhh,,,the Spin Dr. is in the house.

“Gun control” is useless if other people can buy guns for you. Turns out a friend of Farook bought the assault rifles used in the attack:

Roy, have you ever been to any Muslim countries? People from many different creeds and faith around the world live in peace together, but Islam cannot and will not live in peace with others or even themselves.. Yes their our christian sects in these predominantly Muslim countries, but they are treated as second hand citizens or worst. One of the recent victims was an Iranian who was Christian who came here to avoid persecution or death from Muslims, and sadly still died from a Muslim.

When I hear some of these American Muslim Imams say on T.V. that their religion is one of peace, tolerance, and love, I wonder were did they get that idea. I have been in a few of these middle east countries. Sadly many of the people here in our country just wont get it.

There are good people who are Muslim, but they insist on following a religion that is based on submission, oppression and violence. They are good people who refuse to follow Christ.

To me it’s very sad.

Nope, that argument doesn’t work.

Shall we look back in history at the millions who have died in the name of Christianity? Yup.

Stop blaming the religion and start focusing on the extremists.

“Shall we look back in history at the millions who have died in the name of Christianity? Yup.

Stop blaming the religion and start focusing on the extremists.”

That argument doesn’t work? You are brain lacking of reality common sense.

I don’t know which century you live in but I live in the 21st century. Go ahead to Iran, Saudi, any of the Muslim Gov controlled countries and start talking about Jesus to them. Explain to them how you understand how they are so tolerant and how you feel they will understand when you go walking around carrying a bible or praying the rosary or carrying a cross. Let them know you like Jews while your at it.

If you do not believe in God, make sure to let them know you do not believe in Allah and want to explain why you feel this way and want them to respect that.

Go over to these places and since it’s Chrsitmas put out a nativity scene or even a Chrstmas tree. Let’s just let your smarty brain get a real life reality check.

President Obama….can you spell: TERRORISM???? You better damn well learn how! It’s here…even if they are only the JV team.


a gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone….

From the donut shop…or the station?


All cops should have to take random, independent psych eval tests at least once a year.

All cops should have to have a college degree.

All cops should have to carry liability insurance. No more community tax bailouts for bad cops and their deadly ‘mistakes’,

All new cops should be on probationary employment for two years, and they can’t carry a gun until they complete those two years. Just like is done in European democracies.

99% of crimes are investigated by the police. 1% are prevented. Has to be the worst cost benefit ratio i have ever seen. really. give everyone a gun.

14 people dead. 21 injured. Over 1,000 cops descended on the area and chased the perps through city streets recklessly firing 328 shots to dispose of two perps – for your safety. It’s like the d- high school grade point avg is really on display in this one.

It was even worse in stockton. Over 600 shots fired to kill 3 perps AND their hostage:

It did not take me two days to realize this was terrorism, what took the FBI so long?

They were being told by the Obama administration to do everything they can to make sure this was NOT terrorism, even if it meant make stuff up, or at least to give Obama time to figure out how to spin this his way.

Citation for that? Who they?


What garbage.

Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Please provide ANY link to ANYTHING that supports your claim.

That’s right.

You have to realize who they work for.

Terrorism does not fit the talking points, therefore mum’s the word until it can’t be denied any longer.

yeah. terrorized from all angles eh?

I imagine the FBI knew it was terrorism the moment it happened. You just don’t “discover” intelligence like that in the following 24-hours – unless you are grossly incompetent. Instead, they just got the narrative/lie out as early as possible.

And the Idiot-In-Chief thinks common sense gun safety laws would have stopped this. How about LESS-stringent carry laws would have prevented it?! At least lessened the scope of the tragedy.

Don’t confuse Muslims with Islam. One is a socio political culture, the other a religion. When Muslims, who are conditioned to be susceptible to the religion, read, understand and follow the religion they usually become fundamentalists. Then, like good Islamists, they are required, yes required to jihad. They are not radicalized Islamistis, they are now good and faithful Muslims who follow the teachings of the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira.

The political and spiritual (same thing really) leader of ISIS (Daesh) al-Baghdadi, holds a doctorate in Islamic theology from a legitimate Baghdad university. He is a dedicated Islamic scholar and is following the words and example of his prophet intrinsically.

So if you wonder why imams around the world don’t decry the terrorists, now you know. By doing so, they would be decrying their own teachings and would be hypocrites (munafiq) and subject to punishment and even death.

The safest Muslim is one who only owns a Qur’an but doesn’t read it.

Really? Why not “don’t confuse Christians with Christianity” then? Or how about “don’t confuse Jews with Judaism” – such silliness.

Apples and oranges Roy. At least argue from a position of a modicum of knowledge rather than take the knee jerk ad hominum as your best shot. Do your own research. i did.