Statue of Liberty is designed after a Muslim woman

December 1, 2015


Those agitated by what Bill O’Reilly of Fox News calls “The Dramatic Muslim Invasion” may find a soothing tonic in the history of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was modeled after a Muslim woman.

Our uniquely American icon beckoning the world’s refugees and immigrants to freedom on our shores was designed as a representation of an Egyptian peasant woman.

As we confront the largest refugee crisis since World War II, which we helped create by invading Iraq and providing battle-field experience to Al Qaeda in Iraq (the parent of ISIS), it may be wise to remind ourselves of the origin of the Statue of Liberty.

The statue, proposed as a gift to Egypt to commemorate the 1869 completion of the Suez Canal, was conceived and designed by two Frenchmen, including Gustave Eiffel the Eiffel Tower creator, as a colossal monument to the industrial achievement. After Egypt rejected the plan, the gift was offered to America as “Liberty Enlightening the World.”

Erected in 1886, it stands as a beacon for a nation founded on principles transcending national origin, racial identity and religious affiliation.

Check out The Smithsonian, “The Statue of Liberty Was Originally a Muslim Woman.”

David Broadwater is a long time Atascadero resident and local activist.

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If Broadwater has a point to all this, it is well hidden. This is much to do about nada

David if you believe that the Muslims over there are all great and no threat, then would you go visit Syria or Iraq at the present moment? Save me the bullshit of we made it what it is. This has gone on way before we got there. Gone on for hundreds of years. Talk about trying to stir the pot with hate, because that is EXACTLY what you are doing!!!!!

No one said they were no threat, except you BeenThereDoneThat.

What does travel to Syria or Iraq at the present moment have to do with history? You brought that up.

“Talk about trying to stir the pot with hate, because that is EXACTLY what you are doing!!!!! ”

Yes that is what you are doing BeenThereDoneThat, you brought it up (the bull shit).

Sorry guess I missed my name on the opinion piece.

No hate here honesty. I don’t want anyone that isn’t checked on background here. That isn’t hate that is common sense.

What does travel have to do with? Really do you want to play the cute I don’t know game? Most that are saying why don’t we let in the refugees, then here is my retort to that.

Also at at time that we are dealing with all the stuff going on and he writes an opinion on this symbol of our country and you say it isn’t stirring the pot? Either you are really naive or a complete idiot.


the statute’s entire face is showing; the statue’s hair is showing; the statue’s neck is exposed; the statue’s arm is fully exposed; the statue is wearing a crown. So this statue is pretty much as non-Muslim female as female statutes come.

The fact that the sculptor originally planned it for Egypt and Egypt rejected the idea is almost irrelevant. What this Statue represents and what this statue exhibits on the female person is 100% anti-Muslim female.

Your point is an epic fail.

Your understanding of mid-eastern fashion history is a total failure. Did you even read the Smithsonian article?

You have your history confused David. Bartoldi did NOT model the Statue of Liberty after an Egyptian peasant woman..that was to be a light house designed for the Suez Canal.

OUR Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, a Roman goddess.

Geez, all you spin doctors and revisionists will hopefully get it right someday.

Yep….next time do a little research before using the Statue of Liberty as your attack foil.

CCN should be embarrassed for this piece.

I don’t give a rats behind about Bill O’Reilly and what does it matter where the artist got his idea for the statue.

BUT, this malarkey of a story is a piece of c**p and if the person writing had ever been to the Statue of Liberty, they would know that the French artist designed it after his mother, who certainly wasn’t a peasant.

If you’re going to write a story, at least get your facts straight.

Clickbait. The reason for the site hyperbole.

Why does everyone slapping our wrists on Islam know nothing about Islam?

The concept of a human sculpture, especially one symbolizing some kind of abstract ideal, is absolutely haraam, involving shirk and paganism.

Finally, unless I am missing it, it just says an Arab peasant. Many Egyptians are not Muslim even to this day.

Please stop trying to shame us about not wanting a bunch of people who don’t share our values and are openly hostile to our way of life when you don’t even know anything about the very people you are trying to cover in your politically correct shield

The statue was a monument to the French achievement in creating the Suez Canal. It was not a monument to Egyptians. Secondly, it was redesigned. The original model is in Paris.

Why should America welcome people who categorically reject the values that the statue is intended to enshrine? Islam rejects the concept of democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of religion. Muslims ultimately want to undermine the ideals of human rights as they exist under our Constitution and replace them with their own ideology. Would we be equally welcoming to racists, fascists, and Stalinist? I think not and rightfully so.

Republicans are unaware of that and even if they did learn and it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that would not be good for them. They would scream & Nash their teeth and kick their dog and whine and complain and tell about how their family didn’t migrate here to allow other migrants the same courtesy

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