Bloody fingertip found in salad at Paso Robles Applebee’s

January 8, 2016
the fingertip alleged to have been found

The fingertip alleged to have been found

A cook at the Paso Robles Applebee’s may have put blood, sweat and tears into a salad served to a pregnant Atascadero woman last month. At the least, the cook left a bloody fingertip in the salad, according to a claim filed against the restaurant.

On Dec. 20, Cathleen Martin, her husband and their young child, each ate from a Chinese chicken salad at the Paso Robles Applebee’s. After eating part of the salad, Martin, who is expecting another child in March, noticed the bloody fingertip, according to a press release issued by Santa Ana attorney Eric Traut.

“It was so gross,” Martin stated in the press release. “I’m on pins and needles worrying about what my family might have been exposed to.”

The family notified the restaurant after finding the bloody fingertip in the salad. The restaurant determined the fingertip belonged to one of its cooks, the press release states.

Nine days later, Applebee’s sent a letter saying it would not require the cook to undergo any medical tests, Traut alleges. Traut previously represented a client who found a condom in his French onion soup at a Claim Jumper restaurant.

“I’d like to think diners may go without fear of finding something dangerous, anatomical or biological in their meal,” Traut said.


“The restaurant determined the fingertip to belong to one of it’s cooks.”

Unless you are a poorly controlled diabetic, fingers tend to bleed when you cut them preparing food. Has anyone ever cut themselves trying to be the Iron Chef in the kitchen? Those thinks leak like a faucet until you put some pressure. So the “cook” cuts the tip (or maybe the “pad” of the finger) maybe grating some veggies. After stopping the gushing blood, maybe someone should start the salad making over? How about bringing in someone with all working digits.

That said, Applebee’s may not require the employee to undergo medical tests, but the California Department of Public Health might. Requiring an employee to undergo testing maybe implies guilt, and maybe Applebee’s isn’t ready to do that. Maybe they think it is a hoax and the person did it to their own food. I can’t imagine any other reason for not being completely apologetic and address the issue.


It was an accident, society needs to realize they do happen and they are an opportunity to get rich.


The cooks better knuckle down and pay attention or they’ll be out of this joint.


How will they be able to print this criminal?


Isn’t January restaurant month?


Finger food.

That’s one way to give the finger to demanding customers.

“Waiter, I’ll have the small cannibal salad and lady fingers for dessert”.

Jorge Estrada

Portion control sometimes requires thinner slices. It is hard to hold an onion and slice them real thin without adding a few finger prints.


Whew! At least they found out who’s at fault. There won’t be a lot of finger pointing in this case.

Rich in MB

Better a finger in a salid than Adam Hill in elected office!


To me the most surprising part of this story was learning that we have an Applebee’s in Paso Robles.