Lompoc woman arrested for letting toddler freeze

January 21, 2016
Julie Galvez

Julie Galvez

Lompoc police arrested a 27-year-old woman after finding her one-and-a-half-year-old child barefoot with feet that had turned blue. The child was freezing, malnourished and dehydrated, police say. [KCOY]

Officers responded to the corner of Ocean and I streets after a citizen reported seeing a baby in a stroller who was not wearing any shoes or socks and did not have a blanket for protection against the cold. Police said the child’s feet were very cold to touch.

Responders transported the child to Lompoc Hospital. The toddler was later transferred to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. The child is expected to be okay, though.

Police arrested the mother, Julie Galvez, on charges of willful cruelty to a child likely to cause great bodily injury or death and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers booked Galvez in Lompoc City Jail.

The case remains under investigation.

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This poor baby. May she be place in a stable, loving home.

Both mother and child, together, need to be adopted for a fresh start. I see the face of a lost sole.

Another generation of those on the dole.

On welfare = drug tested. Simple.

Sweet moustache!

Bless the citizen that reported this incident. So many times people see children being abused, but are afraid to get involved. Hopefully this child’s future will be brighter.

Sometimes Foster homes are not much better. People just in it for the money. Treating the Foster children badly. One situation I heard about the two Foster children were made to eat on separate table from the rest of the family, and were given paper plates and plastic ware.

When the Mother and her biological children took a nap the Foster Children were put out in backyard, and doors to the house locked….. These Children already have self esteem problems, have been abused physically as well as emotionally. They need to know they are worthy of love and nurtured. Believe me a lot of them know they are just there for the money.

Several states will only pay welfare to those who submit to regular drug screening. Not California (thank you Dems). I believe that a Deproprovera requirement should be included for all women of child bearing age too. The State should pay for the welfare of all children before the parent is on welfare, but no additional children unless it is proven that the birth control failed.

Last weekend I stood in line behind a women (white) who was paying for her party food and drink (not alcohol) with a WIC coupon. I was irritated that there was no child nutrition in her basket. She paid for the alcohol and paper goods with an odd looking credit card (no comment). But what really got my goat was her loading her purchases in a late model Tahoe with paper plates indicating that she had recently bought it.

The system is corrupt or at the very least in shambles.

Child support may be welfare but is not “welfare” per se. It is Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). There are no rules. Children=paycheck, that’s a fact. A friend who taught high school in Santa Maria was told this by his already-tattooed female students all the time. The father may or may not be around but he ain’t payin’ s**t either way, food or Public/Section 8 housing. He’d be stupid. The father’s income is not declared because he is not declared as the father. If he’s a good “father” he is making enough money to cover the payment on the new Tahoe. Food stamps aren’t paying for food but shifting food costs. This is further accomplished by declaring that children still go hungry and must be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at school. This begs the question “what about summer?” (not too mention breaks, weekends and holidays). Done. Summer school food programs are now in full swing in Fresno with radio and television advertising promotion.

First of all, WIC does not allow you to buy ‘party food’. Food eligible for WIC have to be protein, milk, cheese, etc. and it is for pregnant moms and young children. Second, you can have food stamps and work. DSS knows that this person has a car and what it cost and the value of the car. How do you know her family didn’t buy the car? Or maybe she even borrowed the car!!?! Judging someone by what they buy on a one time shopping trip is like watching you buy Christmas presents and saying you really need to budget better. If she has food stamps she needs them!!!! DSS requires a lot of documentation for income and assets. Few get over. Most need the assistance to eat.

Hey, Fairytales-R-Us! You may have learned the theory, but your are obviously NOT acquainted with the reality of the situation. It’s easy to get alcohol etc. when on socialist welfare, ….and let the taxpayers fund it all.

TF. My kid worked at F4L before heading off to college. While these programs state their regulations they are rarely enforced. After a scene at the checkout stand my kid was counseled to just prohibit alcohol and sundries with WIC.

The situation I described involved a half dozen bottles of soda, several bags of frozen appetizers and some other foods I didn’t pay attention to. It was paid with a WIC check.

I agree, it is unfair to judge a person on a situation without knowing anything else. Yes, all those things you mention could have been the actual situation. But just as easily she could have been gaming the system. If you don’t believe that happens all the time you must be a social worker.

Hey South, do you have any idea of the number of people who were found to be on drugs with the drug testing you promote? About 1% with a cost of millions. That isn’t good government in my book.

Do you know what percentage of welfare recipients who voted for D’s in the last election? About 3%. So they are not voting in droves for “handouts”.

WIC is a well intended program that is poorly designed, But don’t hate on those who may need it. Follow the money. WIC benefits the commercial interests as much, if not more, than it does the hungry.

Heck to some degree you can thank the WIC program for in-direct subsidy of your produce, because if WIC users weren’t there to buy their food the revenue would be gone for the grocer and prices would go up…. If not for protecting the grocer, the government could buy food in bulk and distribute through Loaves and Fishes etc. The design of this program was well intended.

Gland to know, that as a loving neighbor, you are there behind me in line to inspect my purchases and make value judgement’s about my life. Don’t worry my alcohol purchase is most likely coming out of my children’s college fund and not out of “your” pocket.

Drugs should be legal right….they are a victimless “crime”….

Oh, the system will fix this, make the child healthy and then release the Mom because this child needs its Mommy! Drugs, drugs, drugs… Her appearance tells the who story. No everyone is fix to be a parent. Best she was on welfare,

Wonder how much that tatoo cost?