Morro Bay man accused of assaulting officer

January 25, 2016

Morro Bay policePolice arrested a reportedly intoxicated Morro Bay man who is accused of committing battery on an officer and threatening with the intent to terrorize.

Officers booked Nathan Raphael Jones, 46, in San Luis Obispo County Jail on Friday evening. Jones is charged with making criminal threats, battery on an officer, resisting an officer and being drunk in public, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

The Tribune reports Jones allegedly made threats toward a person at a Morro Bay home. Jones fled the scene before officers arrived.

Police located him in the area of Morro Bay Boulevard and Monterey Avenue. He allegedly assaulted one of the officers at the location.

Jones remains in jail with his bail set at $50,000.


Sounds like another welfare tweeker who had just left one of the notorious watering holes and was looking for a fix or a fight…or both.


I think he is the kid that used to live a block down from our house on elm Street. He was what might be called developmentally disabled, but he was a nice kid.


We should all be thankful for the services of our Law Enforcement for the most difficult jobs they encounter daily. We all have problems and issues but these officers never know day-to-day how their life’s can be changed. Stay safe out there and THANK YOU!


Quickest way to get a free PB & J sandwich in the lovely countryside off Highway 1? Assault a LEO. Station 27, here I come!