Former wrestler faked mountain lion attack

February 9, 2016

Mountain-LionA San Luis Obispo man who claimed in a television interview that he snapped the neck of a mountain lion has admitted to fabricating the story. [KSBY]

Robin Olson said in a KSBY interview that a mountain lion attacked him while he was hiking with his son in Prefumo Canyon on Saturday. Olson, who says he is a former NCAA wrestler, said he broke the mountain lion’s neck, killing it instantly.

Olson showed numerous scratches on his arms and legs during the interview. He said the mountain lion was scratching him while he was holding onto its neck.

On Monday, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials interviewed Olson. They say he admitted the story was fabricated.

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One time, in Band Camp, our trumpet section was attacked by a rabid Grizzly bear. I rushed up to the bear and held him off with a Oboe, while the other campers sought safety in a yurt.

The bear was so crazed that I had to retreat from the woodwind section into the brass and finally the string section. It took several blows to the head from a double bass, that I found laying nearby, before I was able to stun the bear and stop the attack.

The bear did not return over the remaining days of our camp, but each night as we played we could hear the bears soulful bellowing everytime the double bass was playing…

I’m betting this guy has something real to hide, so he made up this elaborate story. Maybe he was drunk and fell down the hill. He knew people would find out he was toasted. Something like that..

How about sending Mr. Olson a bill for all the costs associated with investigating his hoax?