Former wrestler faked mountain lion attack

February 9, 2016

Mountain-LionA San Luis Obispo man who claimed in a television interview that he snapped the neck of a mountain lion has admitted to fabricating the story. [KSBY]

Robin Olson said in a KSBY interview that a mountain lion attacked him while he was hiking with his son in Prefumo Canyon on Saturday. Olson, who says he is a former NCAA wrestler, said he broke the mountain lion’s neck, killing it instantly.

Olson showed numerous scratches on his arms and legs during the interview. He said the mountain lion was scratching him while he was holding onto its neck.

On Monday, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials interviewed Olson. They say he admitted the story was fabricated.

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Erectile dysfunction does not have to be publicly painful.

One question Mr. Olson…… Why?

15 minutes of “Fame”? If so, it has now become 15 minutes [+], of shame.

I’m sure like myself, we just don’t get it.

How will you explain this to your family/friends?

It was pretty obvious from the scratches. My kitty makes bigger wounds on me when he attacks me, and he’s just playing. . A bobcat would have shredded is arms and legs

How do we this disclosure is not a fake?

Tough room.


…that’s an entirely different type of “cat” though… ;-)

What, you mean the guy didn’t full nelson a mountain lion and snap its neck?


Funny too. Almost as funny as all the gullibles who defended this clown’s story.

It should never be funny to mock people who look for (and hope for) the best in people.

Unfortunately for the gullible, it is always funny to those who see things as they are, expect little, and are never disappointed in most people.

Don’t be so ignorant. Full nelsons are not legal in either NCAA or international wrestling.

Too strange, why would someone need this kind of attention? Embarrassing would be the first word to cross my mind for such a stunt but to include a youth brings it to another level..

This is so sad. Whatever this man’s motivation for telling this whopper, he really needs some good professional help.

Robin and his boy deserve none other than to encounter a real mountain lion on one of their future hikes.

By the way, is this the same Rob Olson at Rob Olson Electric in SLO?

If it is the same guy, maybe next time he can get the cat to sit in his electric chair.

Robin Olson is NOT Rob Olson, the first name is different. I, Rob Olson, have never wrestled a mountain lion, nor claimed to have wrestled one. First of all they are hard to find and very hard to beat!

Got plenty of calls on this, “was that you?”


That’s the problem with having a “normal” name! I bet there are a 100,000 Rob Olson’s in the US…I know of only 6 with my name….and one is my son!