Sheriff’s deputies engage in standoff with empty motel room

February 20, 2016
Richard Anthony Rodriguez

Richard Anthony Rodriguez

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies cordoned off a Paso Robles Motel 6, shut down a road and spent more than 12 hours on Friday attempting to contact a suspect they claimed was barricaded in the room. However, after deputies broke down the door, they discovered the room was empty.

Detectives are still searching for Richard Anthony Rodriguez, 30, of Nipomo for allegedly shooting at his ex-girlfriend.

On Tuesday, Rodriquez was driving in Nipomo when he pulled up alongside a vehicle with three females inside. Rodriguez then fired a shot at the women in the car, according to the sheriff’s office.

Rodriguez missed the women and fled the scene.

Following Tuesday’s incident, the sheriff’s office advised local law enforcement to be on the lookout for Rodriguez.

Around 3:15 a.m. Friday, Paso Robles police found Rodriguez’s vehicle at Motel 6. Police then identified the motel room in which Rodriguez was staying.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the motel at approximately 4 a.m. The sheriff’s Special Enforcement Detail established a perimeter around the motel and evacuated people neighboring the room in which they believed Rodriguez had barricaded himself.

Detectives tried repeatedly to contact Rodriguez, but he did not respond. In the afternoon, the Special Enforcement Detail broke down Rodriguez’s motel room room, and deputies sent in a robot to search the room and the bathroom.

Deputies then realized Rodriguez was not inside. Investigators believe Rodriguez “escaped” prior to sheriff’s deputies arriving at the motel early Friday morning.

Detectives are still searching for Rodriguez. They believe he has not left the county.

Rodriguez is described as 5 foot 9 and 205 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Investigators request that anyone who sees Rodriguez or has information about him call the sheriff’s office at (805) 781-4550. Sheriff’s officials say Rodriguez is considered armed and dangerous, and members of the public should not try to contact him.

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the world needs more intelligent individuals in important positions. apparently this gang banger just out smarted decorated and trained officers?

Waste of air.

which way did he go George which way did he go; Willoughby

Barney Fife in action

When we run out of phone numbers and the area code splits a lot of tats will need to be redone. We stayed 805 last time because we had more pull than Bako (661). The next time 805 maybe just Santa Barbara because they have more pull. This is important, 805 is not just a gang moniker, it is also the name of a shitty beer.

Hey, I like 805 beer.

I’m sorry but Firestone 805 is by far the shittiest beer they make. I compare it to bud light!

Never thought Id see the day when your area code in the form of a tat made you a bad ass. Why not F’in tat your social security number across your forehead you stupid sumbitch, that would really show everyone what a bad ass you are.

He don’t have a SSN

If you are going to use an armored battering ram truck and then send a robot in to perform the search, why wait 12 hours to bust down the door? Did the batteries on the robot need to be charged?