Bakersfield inmate steals sheriff’s van, then crashes it

March 2, 2016

police chaseSeven inmates who were supposed to be heading to court from a Bakersfield jail Wednesday morning fled after one of them managed to commandeer a Kern County Sheriff’s van. But, the inmate crashed the van before driving off the jail property. [Bakersfield Now]

Around 7:30 a.m., inmate Ramon Castro, 23, escaped his handcuffs and entered the driver’s seat of the van. Officers tried to stop him, but Castro locked the doors and drove off with the other six inmates inside.

Castro then crashed the van into a parked car, after which he slammed into the main gate of the jail. Authorities took all seven of the inmates back into custody.

Some of the inmates suffered minor injuries. The sheriff’s office is locking down the jail for the remainder of the day.


The other 6 inmates are going to sue for injuries I bet.

I am shocked Kern County Sheriff’s didn’t just start shooting in to the van.

Those guys make SLO County Sheriff’s look like the CIA or Secret Service. They will straight up run you over in the dark going 75 with no lights on in a 40 zone and somehow refuse to acknowledge it was their bad. (That happened)