SLO student’s Facebook post said “Columbine of Duty 2”

March 3, 2016

Guns_1000A San Luis Obispo High School student who was arrested Friday for making criminal threats posted text on Facebook stating, “Columbine of Duty 2” and “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”  The text appeared on images of the student holding what looked like a machine gun and a rifle, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

“Columbine of Duty 2” appears to reference the Columbine High School massacre and the Call of Duty first-person shooter video game series.

After San Luis Obispo officers searched the student’s home, they determined the weapons that appeared in the Facebook posts were actually airsoft guns, which shoot plastic BBs. Officers also found several real guns at the residence and seized them for safekeeping.

Earlier this week, media reported that San Luis Obispo police arrested the student after he posted photos on Facebook of himself holding airsoft guns while dressed in military attire, prompting many community members to criticize the arrest. SLOPD then issued a press release providing more information about the case.

On Friday, the probation department contacted the San Luis Obispo school resource officer and emailed images of the Facebook posts. One photo showed the student in a trench coat holding what appeared to be a weapon similar to a Mac 10 machine gun, as well as a handgun in his waistband, according to the press release.

Another photo showed the side of an AR-15 rifle with the selector lever pointing toward semi-auto. That photo contained the text, “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”

The student shared the images with friends on Facebook. In response to a posts, one person commented, “if ur gonna shoot up the school just do it already.”

The suspect replied by writing, “Fuck you… I’ll do it when im ready.”

Investigators say the weapons in the Facebook posts appeared to be real guns. Officers also say they discovered several other concerning photos.

Police and school administrators pulled the student out of class on Friday and escorted him off campus. During questioning, the student admitted to posting the information on Facebook that officers discovered, according to police.

Previous reports suggested the student admitted to officers he made a mistake, but he said the photos were playful banter with friends who understood he was joking.

Officers arrested the student and booked him in SLO County Juvenile Hall on the lone charge of making criminal threats. An investigation is ongoing and other charges could be added.

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Remember this student was 2 when Columbine happened, pretty sure he barely understood the reference.

I’m pretty sure I would forget the combination to my gun safe if they ask to peek inside…

No worries, they’ll just cut it open and send you the bill. Don’t like it? Feel free to sue the department. They honestly don’t care… they’re laughing all the way home with your gun in their trunk. Worst that can happen to them is some paid vacation time.

Naw. All it would take is stalling 15-20 minutes before you could get a lawyer over to your house. That way the cops couldn’t get their grubby hands on the guns.

Heck without a search warrant, I’d never let them in my house. I’d meet them out at the sidewalk in front of my house where I’d answer their questions.

I’m going to assume any SLO county law enforcement arresting someone has done the right thing until proven otherwise.

They aren’t perfect and perhaps there’s some yet-to-be discovered rotten apples, but I support our law enforcement and think they are doing a great job.

Apparently any education you had on the principles behind the American legal system was a complete waste of money,.