Grocery Outlet considering Los Osos store

March 19, 2016

Grocery OutletThe Grocery Outlet company is considering taking over the former Haggen Grocery store in Los Osos, company officials said. The location has been empty since Haggen closed last summer leaving the town of approximately 14,000 with only one grocery store.

On Feb. 17 Grocery Outlet applied for five sign permits in Los Osos. The grocer received approval on March 7.

Many former Haggen store locations have remained empty because of issues with the Haggen bankruptcy and finding grocers interested in taking over the locations. Because the Los Osos location does not have the required equipment for a full-service deli, many grocers were not interested in the location.

Grocery Outlet typically provides discounts of up to 60 percent off on brand-name items.

Ben Daho

Osos is going to become Lil’ Slo. Whoring out to whoever. I’ve posted before. The happiest city allows big corps. In choking out local. An example and I’ve NEVER MET THE OWNER. Teaberry yogurt. Local guy, California Poly hangout. Down the street is a national chain NEW YOGURT SHOP. This guy is toast. Can’t compete with those corporate stores. Whoever is pretending to run the Slo Chamber should immediately be questioned on why “local” is only a perception and not a reality? “Shop local at our national store because we get a percentage of the take”

Sad sad sad. And we sit here and watch it. Our grandkids will ask “did you do that to us?” And we can say “of course not, I just watched it”


SLO County need some ALDI stores!! They are the cheapest and freshest in the game.


The last thing we need is another foreign corporation (this one German) which sucks the profits out of our community.

We have got to get back to basics and support our local businesses which reinvest their profits in our communities.

Is anyone else fed up with chains and the ever increasing cookie cutter look that’s taking over?