Judge reinstates Jarmin and Jordan plea deals

March 10, 2016

justice 2A San Luis Obispo judge has reinstated plea deals that will allow hard money lenders Rod Jarmin and Tammy Jordan to escape jail time. San Luis Obispo County prosecutors had been trying for months to overturn the plea agreements, but a California appellate court recently indicated it would rule to reinstate them. [Tribune]

In April 2014, Jarmin and Jordan were arrested in connection with a scheme in which they allegedly swindled more than 700 investors out of $30 million. Both defendants then pleaded not guilty to seven felony counts of the sale of securities by means of false statements and omissions.

Each violation is punishable by up to five years in prison and up to a $10 million fine. But on June 10, Jarmin and Jordan pleaded no contest, and San Luis Obispo Judge Donald Umhofer reduced the seven felonies to misdemeanors.

The plea set restitution at just $107,200 for Jarmin and only $7,200 for Jordan.

Shortly after the dea was made, the district attorney’s office filed a motion to reconsider, alleging Umhofer wrongly reduced the charges to misdemeanors before the plea. In July, Umhofer granted the motion and reinstated seven felony charges against Jarmin and Jordan. Umhofer then removed himself from the case.

After Umhofer changed the charges back to felonies, the attorneys for Jarmin and Jordan appealed the ruling. In February, the Second District Court of Appeal issued an alternative writ of mandate in favor of Jarmin and Jordan. An alternative writ of mandate indicates how a court would rule if it were to continue hearing the case.

The appellate court’s action left San Luis Obispo Judge Michael Duffy with the choice of upholding the plea agreement or allowing the district attorney’s office to formally appeal and attempt to change the position of the appellate court. Duffy ruled Tuesday to reinstate the plea agreement.

Jarmin and Jordan’s case now moves forward to sentencing, which is scheduled for March 17. Some of the victims in the case say they plan to speak at the sentencing hearing to voice opposition to the plea deal, which they say is unjust.


The coward judge Michael Duffy took the easy way out (for him). Instead of allowing the DA’s Office to correct the mistake, he decided to steer clear of HIS involvement in the case in spite of “justice” for the victims.


bakersfield bankrobber gets 14 years, these guys steal 30 million and dont even get slapped on the wrist??! something smells a little fishy… steal 30 million from the people, just another day, steal 1/100 that from the feds, get 10-20 minimum #whitecollarcrimepays #happiestplaceinamerica #welcometoslo


The rest of the $20 million stashed somewhere can buy the best attorney in the country to get you out of trouble. For that matter there is even enough somewhere to buy the DA and judge.


Wow, steal 30 million and only have to pay back 115 thousand? Is this a great country or what?

Mr. Holly

This certainly does not pass the smell test even if SLO is one of the nicest places. Maybe the tourist bureau will hire Jarmin and Jordon as their spokespeople to endorse how nice SLO has been to them and that it is a good place to bring their crime enterprises.

With a little luck they may replace Jackie Gleason with “how sweet it is” to “how nice it is”.

Somebody in the DA’s office should have to pay for this, no pun intended.


Shameful, absolutely shameful!

Black Copter Pilot

Things I’d like to know

Who was the DA that agreed to this?

Why was Jarmin allowed to liquidate real estate before the deal was made?

If this was so trivial that bail was initially set at $5 million, how could they charges be released to misdemeanors?

This case was clearly a miscarriage of justice where the DA’s office failed to represent the people. If you want to commit crime and walk away from it, SLO is your place to go


And the kid who tied some “chemicals” from a chemistry set to a school fence (see next story) gets slammed with 30 felony counts and real restitution! This is American “justice” at its best.

fat chance

Great work, $107,000 for $30,000,000. Hell of a deal!! Crime does pay……