Central Coast bank robber sentenced

March 11, 2016
Johnie Dean Arnold

Johnie Dean Arnold

A Bakersfield man who recently robbed two Central Coast banks received a 14-year prison sentence on Thursday. [KSBY]

Johnie Dean Arnold robbed a Union Bank in Goleta on Nov. 2 and a Heritage Oaks Bank in San Luis Obispo on Jan. 4. Following the San Luis Obispo robbery, police released photos of the holdup to local media. A citizen then identified Arnold as the robber.

San Luis Obispo police arrested Arnold at his Bakersfield home on Jan. 6. Arnold then pleaded no contest to robbery charges last month.

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This guy gets 14 years and Jarmin and Jordan who stole a hell of a lot more money basically “walk” great system!

No wonder he looks so happy.

Agreed. I would love to see how in the hell they come up with sentencing guidelines on all these things.

If the same DA who handled the Jarmin case woulda handled the bank robber, the robber would have been allowed to keep the $ and pick up road trash on weekends.