Police find SLO arson suspect in county jail

March 18, 2016
Daniel Delgado

Daniel Delgado

A homeless San Luis Obispo man allegedly called 911 to annoy or harass dispatchers just a couple hours after he set a fire at a Shell gas station in SLO. Officers took the man into custody early Tuesday morning and determined later in the week they had already arrested the arson suspect for whom they were searching.

Around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, officers responded to the Shell station at 204 Madonna Road to investigate a possible arson. The blaze did not cause significant damage, and it extinguished on its own.

When officers arrived, they found evidence of a person trying to start a fire next to one of the gas pumps. Video surveillance confirmed the suspect tried to maliciously start a fire at approximately 12:20 a.m., according to a SLOPD news release.

Investigators circulated the surveillance video within the police department, and one officer recognized the suspect, 28-year-old Daniel Delgado. The officer recalled police contacting Delgado in the area shortly before the fire.

The officer said Delgado was wearing the same clothing in the surveillance video as he was when police contacted him.

A couple hours after the fire was set, police arrested Delgado on unrelated charges and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. The charges included misusing 911, possession of drug paraphernalia and a probation violation.

Delgado was still in jail when officers identified him as the arson suspect. Officers then charged Delgado with felony arson. He remains in jail with his bail set at $27,000.

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Well, he’s homeless no more. A cot, 3 squares a day, and free medical. Thank us taxpayers.

Seems like there’s more malicious homeless people than previously.

That and more of the hardcore drugs in town now. Santa Maria Obispo here we come.

Do they wonder who else they might have in jail?