The 3rd District needs truth, transparency and integrity

March 15, 2016
San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter


As a candidate for 3rd District supervisor, it’s become apparent that the incumbent supervisor has started the negative attacks on my candidacy with vengeance. KVEC radio ads and Tribune op-ed pieces by his cohorts illuminate the type of campaign the current supervisor has opted for.

I will continue to run a campaign based on facts and avoid the mischaracterizations and mistruths that the incumbent has chosen to include in his strategy. His support of these negative attacks speaks volumes to his character and bullying tactics. I’m confident our citizens want and deserve better than this from their representation.

To the SLO County Residents, if you have questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to me personally with a phone call (805) 704-8567, or visit my website to obtain the real truth and support of a candidate that is accessible, transparent and values integrity.

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Dan is the real deal … honest, open minded, nonpartisan

I hate to break it to you folks, but the voters of the 3rd district are incredibly uneducated and apathetic. Once the Tribune endorses Hill, which they will, he will be re-elected. The only possible way to combat this is for Debbie P and Dan C to forge an alliance and for one of them to withdraw. A three way race is certain victory for Hill. Do not forget that the 3rd district residents are ignorant and don’t give a damn. They are happy to have their tax dollars wasted and to quote from Animal House…..”thank you sir may i have another”

As a middle-of-the-road guy I was o.k. with Lenthall, also initially o.k. with Hill. Now that the very few of us who follow local goings on know Hill to be such a disgusting reprobate I just want him gone. Knowing local politics like a bookie, I figured Debbie Peterson the best shot, picking up anti-Hill D’s plus R’s who might not vote between two D’s, were it not for their distaste for Hill. If Carpenter is the one who places in June, EVERYBODY will need to get out for him. If you’re a D, recognize that Hill is a hypocrite with no political policy but self-aggrandizement. The people of the 3rd district need to rid themselves of Hill through a grassroots effort the way the people of Arroyo Grande got rid of Big Tony. For the first time I will walking door -to-door in a political campaign this summer, either for Carpenter or Peterson. Adam will not like what I will be saying. To Democrats I will say that they should not be blindly combining their money with that of developers, Chevron and Phillips 66. To Republicans I will say get out and vote and against the anointed Democrat. To those in between I will have a list of Hill behaviors that will make Trump look like Ben Carson. They overcame seemingly overwhelming odds in A.G. and again last week in the North County. Let’s keep the ball rolling.

At today’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Bruce Gibson made a motion to place on a future board agenda, a discussion to have the State take over the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. His cohort, Adam Hill agreed with him! Thank goodness, Frank Mecham voted no. Guess Mecham finally heard his constituents! Thank you to Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton for articulating reasons why this motion should not move forward. It failed 3-2.

Once again, Adam Hill is voting for the expansion of government bureaucracy and for the State to take responsibility over our water. As usual, Adam Hill does not listen! HE DID NOT HEAR THE VOTERS SPEAK IN LAST WEEK’S ELECTION! And why is his nose in the business of the 1st and 5th Supervisorial Districts. Adam Hill must go! Support Dan Carpenter for 3rd District Supervisor in June.

ADAM has to goooooooooooooooo!

Adam and Bruce are 2 Bullies.

They lie to the voters and flip flop to get their way, just like on the Paso Water Basin vote.

Dan Carpenter is REAL. A man of Character and Character DOES Matter!

Need to cleans this county of the ability to push citizens around. Adam is a puppet for Bruce Gibson and Bruce moves Adam’s lips.

Adam is a made entity to satisfy the needs and agenda of Bruce Gibson.

Adam is REAL GOOD AT BEING BAD! So he is the thug for Bruce Gibson’s use.

Citizens of the 3rd District WAKE up and elect the man that will work with Democrats, Decline To State and Republicans if you are wanting an honest approach to your project and program.

I agree! Why did Adam Hill vote along with Bruce Gibson on the water issue since the people voted NO to a water district?

Now these two men want to take the water issue to the State. Adam Hill is not and does not listen to his constituents. Apparently, Adam Hill is a tool used by the Government. Adam Hill is not a man that is for his constituents, but for the powers that are trying to control our county!

The people of (Paso Robles) just voted NO to a Water District. What’s wrong with this man? Who is Adam Hill working for? The people of this county or the State Government?

We must vote Adam Hill out of office and vote for a man who listens to the people of his district! And, I say Dan Carpenter is your man! Listen to what he says. He speaks for what the people want in their District. The people are concerned about taxes, new fees for just about everything,condition of our roads, etc. Meet with him and talk with him about your concerns and you will be impressed by what he says. We must make changes in our county before it is too late and Big Government controls everything!

Dan Carpenter is one of those changes we need!


It will be a nice change of pace to have a calm, respectful representative on the BOS. Dan Carpenter will have my vote. Whether I agree with all of his views or not, I know he will listen to the public and respond appropriately. We won’t ever have to wonder what inflammatory or rude nonsense might spew from his lips. Go Dan!

I hope you’re not standing in front of SLO city hall in that picture, Dan. You wouldn’t want to get a cease and desist letter or a FPPC complaint from Lynn Compton’s campaign.

For clarity of the record: Any candidate can take a photo any place.

Dan will restore the peace and civility once enjoyed at Tuesday Board of Supervisor meetings and greatly help to regain the collective trust of our community.

San Luis Obispo County just cannot afford to continue with the oligarchial agendas of Adam Hill and his associates if taxpayers wish to have their voices heard on decisive issues that permanently affect our future.